Family Lunch

On Sundays, we have an open invitation for any of the extended family who wants to join us for lunch. It seems for quite a few weeks, due to traveling or sickness, we haven’t been ALL together. But today we were, and wow, our table is getting very full! Twenty-three strong, with the addition of Benjamin. Praise the Lord for HIS faithfulness! I decided it was worth grabbing a picture.


Anna and BJ

“And his mercy is on them that fear him
from generation to generation.”
Luke 1:50

9 thoughts on “Family Lunch”

  1. Every since we were newlyweds (and poor), we’ve always had Sunday dinner at my in laws house right after church. And often, we’d spend the afternoon and take naps, especially when the kids were little. It’s become less frequent due to both my father in law and my husband traveling, or other lunch dates have been made, etc. We had also moved 1600 miles away for 4 years. So, when we moved back, this is one of the first things we reestablished. Although we see my in laws throughout the week for various things, it’s nice to be able to sit down all together and discuss church and the past week and the week ahead. Yeah for extended family dinners!

  2. That is awesome! Do you plan the meal ahead? Potluck? RSVP? Just curious… my husband is from a large family & we have wanted to do something like this. 🙂

    Not potluck. Menu is generally salad, burritos (we have posted our burrito bean recipe on the blog) with homemade, whole-wheat tortillas, chips, and salsa. We generally know who is coming simply because we are aware of who is sick and who is traveling. Then if a family has another commitment, they are good to let us know they won’t be there. I base the quantity of tortillas I make based on who is coming :).

  3. I love this idea. I hope that at least some of our children will be able to settle near us as they marry. I want to do something like this.

  4. I feel a bit silly in that I thought whenever you mentioned “extended family” you were referring to family falling into the realm of aunts, uncles, cousins, not your own intimate family members. Semantics. Such a beautiful family.

    I don’t have a lot of family, of any sort, here in Seattle so I’ve created my own family with other Seattle orphans. Ten of us gather every Thursday night here at my home for Thursday Night Supper Club. I do all the cooking. Table fellowship at its best. Great friends, great food, great conversation. We even play a game sometimes or do karaoke. If Zak is free he’ll stop by and play the piano and we sing. Widows and widowers having an evenin of fun together. Comfortable group to be with.

    Blessings, Mari

    Yes, I know. But that’s an easy way to refer to my married siblings + their families as extended relatives :). So fun you’re able to have a group over to your house! Good job on the cooking!

  5. You are blessed to have everyone living in close proximity. Enjoy these special times!

    We do :).

  6. We do this with our children and grandchildren every Sunday as well. There are 25 of us now. The cousins love getting together and it just seems like such a nice way to start our new week. Not sure what we’ll do when we outgrow the house though 🙂

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