Susannah’s 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to my little niece, Susannah, who is celebrating in heaven. For those who are new to reading the blog this past year, I’ll explain the purpose of this post.

Nathan, my oldest brother, married Melanie in 2002. They both were committed to letting the Lord decide how many children they had. Four and a half years later, they were ecstatic to find out the Lord was blessing them with a little one! I think one of the hardest things in life is waiting–and they were a beautiful example of patiently waiting on the Lord. Melanie’s pregnancy was high risk due to multiple factors, and she was on bed rest quite awhile. Then, little Susannah was born March 21st, 2007, 6+ weeks early. But being early wasn’t the problem. She never moved or opened her eyes. In the womb, she had been an active little one, even earning the nickname Thumper. During labor, Thumper was carefully monitored, so it was a mystery to the doctors as to what happened.

Death is inevitable. 10 out of 10 people die. But saying good-bye is hard. Really hard. I now have an empathy that I never had for those whose little ones have entered heaven on the early side. The crushing sensation–the darkest night–would “normal” ever feel “normal” again–yet, even in the midst of sorrow, spring bloomed, and slowly the hurt began to heal. 10 years later, Nathan and Melanie are surrounded with five children. God’s mercy is abundant.

But even with time, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten. Just yesterday, when I was making tortillas with Abby and Betsy, I thought about Susannah–we think of her as a baby, but the reality is, she would have been 10 today. So, yes, we miss her here on earth. But the separation is only temporary. Because of Jesus’ shed blood and His mercy, we’re heaven bound!

For those who have lost little ones in any stage of pregnancy, stillborn, SIDS, or some other situation, know that we care and we hurt with you. 

If you can handle a tear-jerker, here’s the slideshow of her short life.

The music is by Joseph, Anna, Jesse, and Mary. Joseph wrote the lyrics.


“… weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”
Psalm 30:5

8 thoughts on “Susannah’s 10th Birthday”

  1. What a beautiful song to remember and share the life of Susannah . As you sang,I tried to picture her now after 10 years with Jesus. She favors the other children and I am sure she will be as beautiful as they are:)After each child born to Nathan & Melanie ,I have rejoiced in the love and mercy of a God. What a precious testimony and a way to help explain eternal life found in Christ to the other children AND share the gospel to those who do not know our Lord. Our first son , John,died at 3 months. He will have been in heaven 28 years. I am still in awe of how gracious God is to have given us 8 more sons and 2 daughters. We will remember his birth this year on April 16th. As we celebrate Resurrection Day on thatsame day this year, we are reminded that death had no power over Jesus the Son of God, nor over those who trust in Him. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of the hope that is found in our Lord. In this life and in the life to come we will forever praise His name!

  2. Celebrating and praising God for Susannah’s life today with you! Each of you are in my prayers. Much love to all.

  3. Precious little girl and such a heartbreaking loss that Nathan and Melanie endured so beautifully. I remember being so moved and inspired the first time I read about their story. What a testimony of God’s grace upholding them and their willingness to choose His grace rather than biterness. Praying for your family as you remember this child that is in Jesus’ arms. What a glorious day it will be to be reunited with our babies in heaven!

  4. I have weeped over this song/video every year; it never fails to bless me. Sooo precious. But now I have gone through the teen years, and adult sons are preparing to marry. I look into Melanie’s eyes in a whole different way. I see such depth and wisdom growing in those beautiful dark brown eyes of hers, as she was stepping into motherhood and a new season of life…I just cried my eyes out. God is such a wonderous mystery, as He continues His work in our lives. Thank-you for this faithful blog through the years.

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