Content in Christ – Debt Free House – Part 1

We are excited when we hear stories of young men who have committed themselves to debt-free living and then are able to purchase their first home debt free. That is the theme of our book Buying a House Debt Free. We are delighted to share this story with you about a young man who read that book and was inspired. Our hope is that his story will inspire you and your children.

Our 2nd born son, Mark, began courting last October. The courtship is going well, and he and the young lady he is courting are ready to get engaged once he has purchased a house.  

Mark lives at home and is an air conditioning mechanic working on commercial refrigeration in Jacksonville. We live in a small rural community north of Jacksonville.

Mark has saved a significant amount of money but not near enough to buy a new house or buy a piece of land with the intent to build. 

He remained committed that he would pay cash for the best deal he could find. We did much praying and looking and helped him look. The Florida real estate market is such that prices are typically overpriced. n Mark’s case, this meant the best he could find was a used mobile home on a couple of acres.

We looked at nothing but HUD foreclosures in Nassau County (north and west of Jacksonville). In some cases, these were 20 to 30 miles from our residence. Mark has great building skills and helped me build a 2-story addition in 2011, so gutting and fixing a foundation home or mobile home was not beyond his skill level.

This story will be continued in another blog post.

“It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth” (Lamentations 3:27).

2 thoughts on “Content in Christ – Debt Free House – Part 1”

  1. Phil and l lived debt free and after he passed, I have been blessed to continue on living debt free, downsizing and paying cash for my home in Seattle and cash for a new car. I much prefer living debt free to paying interest on anything. I am having a new roof put on this summer, and the roofer was a bit shocked I would not be financing the new roof.

    My youngest son Zak, bought a condo here in Seattle, right on South Lake Union, across the lake from his office. He vowed to pay it off in two years and he did. He rides his bike to work most days rain or shine, or kayak’s over when the weather is good. Given the housing market and bidding wars in Seattle, he’s blessed to own his home. He also recently paid cash for a 48 ft. sail boat. He understands and embraces debt free, for which I am happy.

    That said, my oldest son and daughter-in-law live in Brooklyn, NY where housing prices are exorbitant and while they have been able to buy a brownstone, and another investment building there, they could not pay cash for either. Unless one has millions sitting in their account it’s not possible, so bottom line is unless you work and live in an affordable state/city, paying cash isn’t realistic to a lot of cases.

    All this to ask, what are you hearing from your followers that do live/work in high price
    areas? How are their sons/children managing to buy with cash in places like the Bay Area and Seattle?
    Hi Mari,
    Thank you for the update. In response to your question, I have not heard from people in the Bay Area or Seattle. Recently I did hear from a dad in Australia where prices are very high. He said how his son is totally committed and working toward his debt free goal. Consider how much further that son will be ahead when he wants to purchase than had he not. It takes courage and commitment and I find it very exciting to hear from families who have it.

  2. I’m very interested to hear how it turned out because he is right about the housing market in Florida. The cost of living in Florida is quite expensive, in some areas more than others. It makes purchasing a home with cash very much a long-term goal…not something that can be accomplished in a few years of hard work.

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