Kinder Concert in Kansas City

Yesterday, we went to a kinder concert. Melanie was going to go, but it worked out better if she stayed back and enjoyed some quiet time! They invited me to go with them. It was a neat experience. It was in the Kauffman center in Kansas City with the Kansas City Orchestra. It was a great introduction to classical music. They did a excellent job applying classical music concepts to daily life for the kids such as sharing, waiting your turn, and turning our voices down and listening instead. Our favorite piece was Rossini Finali from Overture to William Tell.

Serving Jesus,

Betsy, Tina, me, and Abby
Betsy, Tina, me, and Abby
Nathan, Betsy, and Tina
Nathan and his girls
Nathan and his girls
In Kauffmann Center
In Kauffmann Center

“With trumpets and sound of cornet
make a joyful noise before the LORD, the King.”
Psalm 98:6

7 thoughts on “Kinder Concert in Kansas City”

  1. Special Aunt and Daddy time! Love the photos- everyone looks attentive and excited 🙂 What a neat opportunity.

  2. I love that you all went to this! My sister and I play in two orchestras and we really enjoy when we get to do “kiddie concerts” 🙂 Always fun to introduce kids to classical music!

  3. What a great experience for the girls! Do any of them play musical instruments?

    They have ukeleles and are learning some chords on them.

  4. Wonderful. We did this with the Berkeley Synphony when my kids were growing up.

    Blessings, Mari

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