Christmas + Family

Hello to January! It’s amazing to think the new year has begun. 2017: I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store.

But first, I want to catch you up on our Christmas celebrations. I seriously took hundreds of pictures, and narrowing them down was next to impossible, so I asked Mary to help me.

We’re very blessed to be able to spend time together celebrating Christ’s birth. What a wonder!


::: Christmas Eve Day :::

A delicious buffet breakfast, including cinnamon rolls Mary made.
Ellie was very pleased about her gift from Abby and promptly took it back to her crate to protect it.

It was darling to see the little girls’ enthusiasm and love of gifting!
Drew wanted to see Calia’s gift.
Nathan + Melanie + Baby
Gotta love Drew’s hat!
A selfie in action!
John + Betsy

Buddy + Jesse
The train set was a huge hit!
Tina with new puzzles.
Tina + Elissa
Mom and GiGi
I loved seeing Dad (Grandpa) playing with Bethany.
Mary’s chalk work!
John did a great job with our Christmas ham.

Calia and me
Jesse and Joseph accompanying our little Christmas program
Anna Marie + Danny
Now how much cuter can you get than this? Calia wanted to help Uncle Jesse play the piano!

::: Christmas Day :::

The guys traditionally make breakfast: sausage gravy over biscuits. Delicious!

Not much guessing here.
I discovered recently I don’t have any good, small bags for short trips, so now I’m all set!

Some of us like this game 🙂
John joins the Apple Watch club.

The espresso machine was definitely needed. See below photo.
The old one was literally falling apart.
I enjoy using photos as my to/from tag. The short version of how I make them: I pick out pictures (key is good ones!) of people, and then go to Photoshop, resize my picture to be small, and drop it on theirs.
Some of us went together and bought Mom a desk.

“When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.”
Matthew 2:10

8 thoughts on “Christmas + Family”

  1. The photo as a “To/From” is such a great idea. It adds more of a personal touch to wrapping. Adding it to my Christmas traditions next year 🙂

    Mary’s chalk writing looks wonderful. My mother decorates chalkboards for weddings.

    How do you pronounce Calia’s name?

    Blessings to you.


    ca (short a sound) lee uh – accent first syllable

  2. Good morning! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures you post! This is a small detail, I know, but I’m wondering if you could load the pictures so that I can click on them one after the other like I used to? 🙂 This way it only enlarges one and I have to go back to the post to click on the other to enlarge. Thanks so much. No worries, of course, if you prefer this.

    Good question. I’ll check in settings and see if I can figure out why it’s doing that now!

  3. LOVE the photos! You are the master of amazing photos 🙂
    Such a sweet and fun Christmas celebration. Ellie is also a cute addition to the family 😉 Calia trying to play the piano is adorable. Thank you for yours and Mary’s time in posting these on the blog!

    You’re sweet, Dessiree!

  4. What a fun post! The kids are all so cute!
    I really like Melissa and Doug. It is on my prayer list that they bring their production back to America.
    Ok, the old espresso machine is just down right funny! Thanks to whoever gave Steve the new one.
    Mary’s chalking is very pretty. Wondering if she has ever done a chalk talk?

    Blessings to you all


    No, Mary’s never done a chalk talk. It might be something neat for her to learn.

  5. Loved all the photos and seeing the thoughtful presents. Is Sarah planning on travelling this year? Will John be visiting his international friends again? I always look forward to seeing your new adventures. With love for this new year cherry


    We don’t know yet what travel plans everyone has.

  6. I’m so glad someone asked about how to pronounce Calia’s name lol.. I’ve been wondering about that since she was born ? Love your blog! It’s so inspiring! God bless!

  7. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! The pictures are so cute. 🙂 You do so well capturing/taking pictures, Sarah!!

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