The Maxwells 2016 Photo Session

Testing out the lighting before the whole group arrived. I love my sisters!
Testing out the lighting before the whole group arrived. I love my sisters!

Our annual photo session is always an interesting event. When you get that many people and coordinate schedules (that’s a feat in and of itself!), outfits, location, lighting, and someone to help entertain the kids–whew! But we did, praise the Lord!

Enjoy the pictures. We were thrilled with the end product, and we’re especially grateful to neighbors of Joseph and Elissa who clicked the camera and kept the kids looking the right direction!


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Maxwell Family 2016
Maxwell Family 2016
Afterward, I had fun taking some family pictures. I'm awed at the Lord's gift of these precious children to Nathan and Melanie!
Afterward, I had fun taking some family pictures. I’m awed at the Lord’s gift of these precious children to Nathan and Melanie!
Buddy is beyond adorable.
Buddy is beyond adorable.
Getting the little munchkins lined up.
Getting the little munchkins lined up.


Having fun!
Having fun!


Calia looked like a Christmas package!
Calia looked like a Christmas package!

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;
and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment
thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants
of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”
Isaiah 54:17

Debt-Free Series: Weeds?

I was introduced to flying by my dad. It became my passion. I poured every cent I could into learning how to fly and after I got my license in flying itself. At first my flying money came from my paper route and then later from my first job. Any extra money I had went toward flying.

Despite that passion, 35 years ago, the Lord convicted me to stop flying, and one of the reasons was because of the expense of it. The other day at an airport, I noticed a sign that advertised the hourly rental for the plane I used to fly. Can you believe it was $120 an hour? I have no doubt I’d still love to fly, but I’m very grateful to not be flying. I couldn’t justify flying for entertainment then, and I certainly couldn’t now.

Since this series is about raising children to be debt-free and content in Christ, there is a critical question that must be asked. Are there appetites (weeds) being created in your children that will be a lifelong curse? Are there things that will tug at their hearts, rob their peace and wallets by crying for their time and money? If your family is like most, then there are “weeds a-grow-n.”

For the sake of clear communication, let’s define weeds as “activities that consume time or money that are not beneficial or edifying.” If there are weeds in your children’s lives, even if they become debt-free, it is likely your children won’t be content in Christ.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap: (Galatians 6:7). 


My Friend, Karine

Much of the motivation for my family sending me to the True Woman conference was so that I could meet my friend, Karine, who lives in Belgium. She was planning to go to the conference. Anna made all the arrangements with Karine and Mary Anne, the organizer of the True Woman European group.

Karine and I
Karine and I

I met Karine through our Titus2 fasting and prayer days. She joined those, and we began a personal correspondence and then Skypes. I don’t think either of us thought we would actually meet each other.

Because of being Karine’s roommate, I was included in the seating for the European group. The European ladies also planned a banquet Saturday night after the conference for their Indianapolis host families (most had stayed with local families Tuesday and Wednesday nights and moved to downtown hotels for Thursday through Saturday nights) and the European ladies.

While the conference days were full and fast paced, Karine and I had lots of talking and praying together. She was able to join my family’s Bible time via FaceTime two days. We ate meals together out and sometimes in our room. It was a very special time for me to be able to spend with a sweet sister in the Lord Jesus.

Trusting in Jesus,



“A friend loveth at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity.”
(Proverbs 17:17)