It’s OCC Shoebox Collection Week!

Mary counting balls with little helpers.
Mary counting balls with little helpers.

Hooray! It’s Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Collection Week. We’re so excited about this project, AND to top it off, Mom, Anna, and Mary are going to work at the Denver warehouse in December like Mary did last year.

If you have already assembled your boxes for Operation Christmas Child, this is your week to drop them off at your closest location. If you haven’t done any, there’s still time to shop and then drop them off. See this link to find the best location. Here’s info on How to Pack a Shoebox.

I really enjoyed seeing Anna, Mary, Abby, and Betsy’s enthusiasm as they felt the Lord leading them to try forΒ 100 shoeboxes this year–AND THEY DID! Praise the Lord. More pictures on that later.


Betsy opening up eraser boxes.
Betsy opening up eraser boxes.
Tina snuggling a stuffed animal before it makes its way into the box.
Tina snuggling a stuffed animal before it makes its way into the box.


img_0829And yes, part of our basement was quite the OCC shoebox staging area. More on the actual packing later!

“… Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother,
to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.”
Deuteronomy 15:11

11 thoughts on “It’s OCC Shoebox Collection Week!”

  1. We are currently working on packing a couple dozen boxes for OCC. We are in charge of the toys, out of curiosity, what gender neutral toys to you put in your boxes?

    Balls, noisemakers, stuffed animals, rubber ducks…

  2. I always enjoy seeing your pictures of Anna and Mary caring out their call to work with OCC, and now bringing the girls in with them, introducing them to humanitarian volunteerism.

    Blessings, Mari

  3. I love that you guys do this! I just thought I would share a few tidbits for anyone looking to do that. My dear friend and her husband worked for Samaritans purse in a different country and we’re on the receiving end of these boxes. She said it really opened her eyes as to being a little bit more specific in ways to do things. Here were her suggestions:

    “Do gender neutral gifts, otherwise there are often more of one gender than the other and it can be really awkward for the only gift for a boy to receive is a doll! πŸ˜‰ So, things like stickers balloons,ball stuffed animal (like a puppy) markers , jump rope, yo-yo, color book … do not do underwear, baby dolls, or clothes … stuff that is totally gender neutral and remember this will b the only time most likely that a child will ever get a shoe box … so lavished love ?? items are so sweet… we had people who made home made gifts out of paper… not much that kid will b able to do w that gift… also, if pencils are sent, please include a sharpener.”

    Hope this helps someone!

  4. My family made 14 boxes and turned them in yesterday. Nowhere close to 100, but better than none! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!


    That’s really great!!

  5. We are dropping off our boxes today too! How amazing that you guys did 100! Praise the Lord! You definitely inspire us!

  6. Yay! We did our last week ~ made 56 and had lots of misc. stuff leftover that went to the processing center in Atlanta today for filler items. This is such a blessing for all who pack and the precious children who receive these boxes full of love!

  7. I have been a follower of your blog for the past six years. I discovered your ministry (and blog) shortly after Christopher and Anna got married; I recognized Anna. πŸ™‚ My family knows her family. I wanted to comment and thank you for promoting OCC. I, specifically, wanted to thank you for your suggestion to pack shoeboxes for the older kids. I did that this year, and I had lots of fun selecting items for a new age range. While my mom and I were at the store shopping for our shoeboxes, we noticed two couples also shopping for OCC. How great it is to see others getting into the spirit of giving!

    What a great story! The girls realized this year while shopping for OCC that they needed to have OCC brochures with them because they were often asked what they were going to do with all those stuffed animals, or t-shirts, or balls, or whatever it was that the cart was full of. If they have a brochure they can not only explain but leave the person with enough information to join OCC too.

  8. That is so sweet! We went to a Mother/Daughter tea/birthday party earlier this year. The birthday girl asked for guests to bring a shoebox to donate to OCC.

    Super idea!

  9. Wow, this is such a kind and sweet thing to do.

    My church and I do something similar. It’s great to give back and even better to be blessed enough to be able to do so.

  10. Such a great ministry and great thing to do. Reading the testimonies of the kids who receive these shoeboxes is one of my favorite things to do. Motivated me to pack 20 this year and I enjoyed every minute of it. Have fun at the warehouse ladies!

  11. Our family did something similar. We filled “Joy Bags”, a ministry of Direct Line Ministry. What a JOY!! I so appreciate your families’ “togetherness and closeness” and how you teach (and are such examples) of ministry to others and serving others. Thank You!!

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