Anna’s Birthday Breakfast | Yogurt Parfaits

Mary made a delightful birthday breakfast for Anna recently: yogurt parfaits. They were surprisingly easy and delicious.

Vanilla yogurt
Granola (any kind: ours was homemade)
Strawberries (sliced into sections)


Step #1: Layer vanilla yogurt in the bottom of the bowl.


Step #2: Sprinkle a thin layer of granola over it covering the yogurt.


Step #3: Place strawberry slices around the perimeter.


Step #4: Add another layer of vanilla yogurt.


Step #5: For the final touches, sprinkle granola on the top and place a few strawberry slices.

The possibilities are endless: use your creativity and change it to whatever are your favorites!

“How sweet are thy words unto my taste!
yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”
Psalm 119:103

6 thoughts on “Anna’s Birthday Breakfast | Yogurt Parfaits”

  1. I love this, and it’s one of favorite 4:00pm snacks with my coffee. Easy to put together and tasty. Perfect choice for Anna’s birthday breakfast.

    Blessings, Mari

  2. I now have it on my schedule to make granola tomorrow! This time of year I think we’ll add pomegranate as our fruit.

  3. Looks very yummy! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    Hope Anna had a wonderful birthday!

    Yes, a more-than-wonderful birthday!

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