Open Your Mouth for the Speechless

Last Sunday, we had the joy of participating in standing for life here in Leavenworth. Cities across the nation joined together on Sunday, October 2nd, to pray for abortion to end.

Did you know that over 3000 abortions are doneĀ in the United States every day and 125,000 worldwide? Our hearts grieve over this terrible atrocity.

I captured the hour with pictures. It was an amazing time to stand with others for life.



“Open thy mouth for the dumb
in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”
Proverbs 31:8

12 thoughts on “Open Your Mouth for the Speechless”

  1. Our hearts grieve as well. How special for your whole family to be part of the Standing For Life event. It is especially impactful to see little children holding the signs.

  2. How many have you adopted? If you’re going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. Otherwise, it’s just a big basket full of forced-birth hypocrisy.

  3. It is great to see you guys out there. In our city we have an event called the Life Chain. Groups and Churches sign up for spots on major highways all over the city. It was last Sunday Oct. 2 My family always stands with the teen Pro Life group called “Voice of the Holy Innocents” named for the babies that were killed by Herod who was trying to get at the baby Jesus.

  4. Thanks for standing for life, when others of us, are busy with life, and want to defend it, but have a busy schedule. That’s so awesome!

  5. It is grievous. :,-( I am so thankful for those who will take a stand for the life of the babies in the womb!!! <3

  6. I also wish that more families would adopt children without homes. Everyone deserves to grow up in a family and be loved. If 1 family in every 3 churches in the US adopted a waiting child, every waiting child in the US would have a forever family.

    That’s an amazing statistic!

  7. THANKYOU … from the bottom of my Heart, For caring for the unborn and being a voice for us. I am a Child of Adoption. I have a voice I am a person I do matter.

    ” May God Bless you all”
    Don’t stop showing Love

    Thank you for your kind comment. You are so welcome! Praise the Lord that your mom gave you LIFE!

  8. So happy to see you guys do that! And don’t forget to support the Pregnancy Help Centers through giving of your time and money. Without them, when women choose life, they would have no where to turn to get the help they need.
    We definitely do. Thank you.

  9. I think more women would chose life if they felt they could care for their children. The Church must do everything in it’s power to support these mothers, so that they can. That’s why my church sponsors several single mothers with groceries and diapers each month, taking our inspiration from Matthew 25:31-46. We think often of how, if Mary had not had Joseph to care for her when she carried Christ, would we have helped her and made sure she did not want? We must insure that no child goes wanting.

  10. Abortion destroys life, the baby, the mother, the family, and society. Women are haunted by pain and grief….many have more than one abortion, especially African-Americans and minorities. Adoption is complicated because most families wanting to adopt have to go through social services and start by becoming foster families. Many do this and enjoy the sweet kiddos, nevertheless, it’s a complicated process. I can’t imagine being an old lady with hurtful memories. Many miracles are happening everyday in support of LIFE!

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