A Smile for Your Day

As many of you know, the Moodys went to Colorado in Book #10. So, since Sarah Maxwell, the Moodys, and the blog are all sort of mixed together, you’re going to love this e-mail we received from a mom.
Colorado with the Moodys
Colorado with the Moodys

During a lunch conversation.

ME: Do you know what Sarah Maxwell and her family did at Colorado?

MY FIRSTBORN: Visit Aunt Olga, of course. And oh! MR Delome.

🙂 said from a boy who read all the Moody books and kept asking when is the next one coming.

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance …”
Proverbs 15:13

3 thoughts on “A Smile for Your Day”

  1. So sweet and funny! 🙂 Lovely picture of Sarah too. <3

    Thanks. You’re always encouraging :).

  2. Cute!! When will your next book be out? Im so excited!!!

    I’m not sure. We’ll see! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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