Enjoying Fellowship

We had the pleasure of staying with friends Saturday evening outside of Denver. It was great to fellowship, and we did plenty of it. Bible time as a big group was wonderful and then we played games and ate ice cream after that.


Sunday we went to church with them and then had a picnic at Daniels Park. It was a picture perfect day!



Then, we drove up to our cabin in the mountains, arriving about dinner time. We had a special birthday dinner for Mary followed with dessert and gifts.


“For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now.”
Philippians 1:5

5 thoughts on “Enjoying Fellowship”

  1. I’m in Boulder Tuesday and Wednesday. Too bad we can’t see you. We’re not often in the same state!

  2. You guys have the neatest roadtrips. Love it! Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I’m sure you will have many sweet memories of this trip!

  3. I love Daniel’s park, my husband and I had our first date there. It looked like a beautiful day there. I hoped you all enjoyed it.

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