Stocking Up for Winter

Autumn is around the corner. I can’t wait. You know the crisp nights, vivid blue skies, crunchy leaves, pumpkin desserts, fun sweaters–all that means fall in Kansas. Most of all, I’m really looking forward to writing. It’s been awhile.

But all that wasn’t the purpose of my post. It was about Saturday’s project. We have been accumulating free wood since last winter in a big pile. It was finally time to tackle that and rent a log splitter. Although the temperatures had cooled off from earlier in the week, it was still very warm. They started at 7:30 and took an hour lunch break before finishing at 4. Joseph was everyone’s hero as he came over and helped in the afternoon heat.

Jesse operated the splitter most of the time.
Ellie was cute.
Ellie was cute.






“In all labour there is profit:
but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.”
Proverbs 14:23

6 thoughts on “Stocking Up for Winter”

  1. WOW! Sarah. I am always so amazed at how you journal with such a big family, and so many things happening. I have three other siblings, and am trying to journal every day, but it takes time, and life gets so busy! Keep up the great job of being the cheer-leader writer and a helper home-keeper to your family for the Lord.
    Love your books. And posts!

  2. We set aside a day or two each week to practice living “off the grid.” It seems to be quite enjoyable and allows us time to explore nature more as well.

    Holiday times are also a good time to go off-the-grid! Set up a tent in the late fall for a week.

    Camping at least one week a year is good but be ready to share gospel along with recreation 😉

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! We used to do this a lot when we lived in Texas and had a wood stove,then we moved to HOT Arizona. I miss cutting up wood and splitting it by hand. There was also a lot of work to do cleaning up after a tornado.

  4. Your wood pile looks great. My oldest son has been working on splitting and stacking our wood little by little this summer.

  5. I have so many good memories of cutting wood with my Dad when we were growing up. It certainly made for cozy winters and wonderful time with him.

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