Thank you to all who left comments after the traumatic dog attack. Ellie recovered well and is her happy self. It’s so sweet to see her following me around the house and her puppy energy is almost boundless.


“Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him …”
Psalm 37:7

2 thoughts on “Ellie”

  1. Ellie is a beautiful dog! I just love her color. So glad she is healed and back to having her fun and bringing joy to you and your family too. Wondering if the experience left any lasting affects on her ability to trust other dogs now? We have 2 teacup chihuahua’s and a mini Schnauzer. Love taking them when we travel. They are seriously part of the family. Our Schnauzer follows us around a lot. One of our chi’s is getting later in years and chooses to just hang out on her blanket most of the time. Our other chi loves to be carried around like a baby. We are definitely a dog loving family!
    Thank you for the update on Ellie! Blessings!

    Thanks, Johnna! Time will tell on her trusting other dogs. We’re going slow and being careful! I do find I’m more edgy outside when faced with an unexpected noise and animals :).

  2. We are so glad that nothing worse happened and that Ellie is healed up.
    She is a beautiful dog.

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