Getting Ready for Baby

All right, so you mamas out there know about nesting mode. I suppose that’s what Anna Marie is experiencing right now! Anna and Mary went over yesterday and did a deep cleaning of the house. My sisters are very efficient and whisked around and had it done in several hours. We’re one step closer to Baby coming. The project list is getting crossed off.

Anna and Ruthie
Anna and Ruthie




Anna Marie sewing matching outfits so they can be ready for the baby photo session.
Anna Marie sewing matching outfits so they can be ready for the baby photo session.

“LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the humble:
thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear.”
Psalm 10:17

8 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Baby”

  1. What do the boys do. Could you do a post on them? We haven’t heard anything about them for a while.
    Good idea. We will put something together.

  2. Anna Marie is such a talented seamstress. Did she make the cute dresses her girls are wearing in the pictures?

    Actually, Mary made the ladybug, and someone else made the other one.

  3. Lydia and Ruthanne are just gorgeous. Hoping for another photo session of all the children. It would be great to do a photo session on each of their birthdays so you can later see how they changed each year. Anna Marie is a talented seamstress.

    Their parents get plenty of pictures at their birthdays and other times. For this aunt with our growing number of nieces/nephews, that would be a little much ;).

  4. What a blessing to have help like that!! Speaking from a Mom’s perspective, I am sure it means so much to Anna Marie đŸ™‚ It is a real blessing to see the support and love you give one another; I think this is the way God intended for every family to be … only it seems too often in our overly-busy and sometimes self-focused society, it is something that lacks too often. I am thankful that God is still faithful to help make up for the “lacks” for those of us who sometimes feel like there is very little “backup support” or help due to various circumstances … and I am encouraged to seek to be even more thoughtful and eager to help others as I am able.

  5. Anna Marie is so blessed to have such considerate, helpful sisters-in-law! My only sibling and his family live in another city. We both have young families and it’s so unfortunate that we’re not able to be there for each other. I pray that my children will know the wonderful realities of a large, close knit family!

  6. The entire Maxwell family is just, well, amazing! Such an inspiration for the rest of us to continue to find ways to serve others. There is always someone that we can help out.
    Anna Marie is lovely as always.
    The littles are simply precious. Waiting for the next announcement!!!!
    God Be With You All,

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