Dad and Mom are in Colorado

In just 24 hours’ time, Dad and Mom decided to take a trip to Colorado this week. The trip idea originally started out with attending a memorial service and supporting friends of ours. Then, someone in the family suggested they spend a few extra days and celebrate their anniversary. The Lord opened up doors for them to spend time at a cabin in the mountains before going to the service. You all know how we love Colorado! So, they drove out yesterday and will enjoy some rest, extra time with each other, and God’s Creation.





Now enjoying the mountains.

“Thy righteousness is like the great mountains;
thy judgments are a great deep:
O Lord, thou preservest man and beast.”
Psalm 36:6

5 thoughts on “Dad and Mom are in Colorado”

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy our beautiful state!!! 🙂 People here think I’m crazy because Kansas is my favorite state! 🙂

  2. Hope they have a good trip. How many years have Steve & Teri been married?
    Over 40!!

  3. Oh my!! Colorado would feel so good right now 103 degrees today for my part of Texas.
    Have a great time Steve and Terri!


  4. So glad they’re able to enjoy some extra time in Colorado!
    Praying for safe travels.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  5. Those mountains are so beautiful! 🙂 Happy Anniversary, Mr.&Mrs. Maxwell! 🙂
    Thank you.

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