Ruthanne’s First Trip to the ER

Recently Ruthanne got her finger accidentally closed in a door. Ruthanne is a very brave little girl, and even though her finger was in rough condition, she handled it so well! Christopher and Anna Marie took her to the Emergency Room while Anna and Mary watched the other children. The ER nurses and doctor did great with Ruthanne, and bless little Ruthie’s heart, she was so brave. After many stitches, they bandaged up her finger and put a splint on it too. Ruthie has been her happy little self since, learning to manage and be careful with her hand.

Watching a little one hurt broke all of our hearts! How thankful we are for great medical care.


Mary and Joshua made cookies before Ruthie got home.
Ruthie even got balloons.
Ruthie even got balloons.
Look at that smile!
Look at that smile!


“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God!
therefore the children of men put their trust
under the shadow of thy wings.”
Psalm 36:7

18 thoughts on “Ruthanne’s First Trip to the ER”

  1. Oh bless that baby! Oh my! Yes it’s terrible to see little ones hurt. Thankfully children bounce back quickly as if nothing ever happened. Her sweet smile says she’s ok now!

    God be with Ruthanne!


  2. Sounds like a Moody experience. Remember in Autumn With The Moody’s? Where Max got his finger smashed in Grandpa’s trunk ? I think its in chapter 12 Trama . Hope Ruthanne’s finger gets better soon.

  3. Poor sweet little girl! So thankful she is okay! And that she was so brave- God is good and His mercy endureth forever.

  4. It is so heart breaking when a little one gets hurt. In addition to Ruthie, I am praying for Anna Marie and Christopher as I am sure they feel just as bad, if not more so, about her finger then Ruthie does. Children have a remarkable spirit and can bounce back so quickly!

    Hugs, kisses and prayers to all.


  5. Aww… Sweet Girlie! What a brave girl she was, and I am so glad it was not worse than it was. She will heal up and be better than new. Joshua is such an awesome big brother to help make cookies for his sister to have when she got home. It always seems it is harder on momma and daddy than it is the patient when our little ones are the ones hurt.

  6. I am glad that she was able to get good medical care, and happy that she is surrounded by a loving family.

  7. Oh my! What a brave little girl. And cookies and balloons too! No wonder she is happy. 🙂 Hope she feels better soon.

  8. Ouch! I had the same accident as a child, and boy, did it hurt. Glad to see she’s on the mend.

  9. Bless her heart – – I’m so sorry this happened to precious Ruthie. Prayers for complete healing.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  10. Poor girl! Are the bowls Mary is using vintage Pyrex? Do they girls collect it?
    Don’t know if they are. No one is a collector that I’m aware of.

  11. Awww! Praying your finger is feeling a little bit better everyday, Ruthanne!

  12. Aww, feel better Ruthie! Joshua is such a good big brother, helping to bake cookies.

  13. Ohhhhh, poor baby! Ugh! We had a few “door incidents” when my boys were young, but nothing requiring stitches. We finally implemented a “no (closed) doors!” policy in our house until everyone could be mature enough to not slam them. I hope she’s healing fast. That must have been very traumatic for Mama and Daddy!

  14. Awww. That must have been scary for her. Poor girl. But her smiling pictures are adorable. She’s cute! Hope her parents are recovering too. Hope her finger’s getting much better.

    Love, Rebecca

  15. I’m glad that little Ruthie is okay 🙂 She is so adorable!

    Do you know how it happened?

    btw, How is Anna Marie and Baby on the way doing?
    Blessings! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    She got it closed in a door.
    Anna Marie and baby are doing well.

  16. Ruthann’s looks so joyful, in spite of her discomfort. We are praying for healing and good function of her little fingers one the splint is off.

  17. We are so sorry to hear about this! Poor baby!

    Years ago, my then-2-year-old son had his finger smashed in a slammed door (which taught our family a lot about anger!) and the tip of it was nearly completely severed. It was successfully stitched back, but the ER doctor told us the nail would never grow back due to the injury. He immediately started to pray that his nail would grow back. He prayed at home, at church, and enlisted anyone’s help who would listen. After several months, his nail DID start to grow back, and it was a wonderful faith-builder for him at such an early age, and it actually built up the faith of all of us! May Ruthanne’s unfortunate accident be used to glorify the LORD also! We will pray for Ruthanne’s comfort and healing.

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