The Fifteen or Thirty Minute Principle

You know from reading the Mom’s Corners and the Managers books that I really encourage moms to take a little piece of time–thirty minutes or even just fifteen minutes–each day to tackle a project that seems overwhelming or isn’t happening. Do that consistently for a week and on into a month to see just what happens.

I want to share a recent story about that, which was sent to me:

I’ve been reading Managers of Their Homes recently and came across getting overwhelmed with cleaning and organizing. You mentioned setting an alarm for 15 minutes and working on an area that long, then going on to something else. I put this in place for my daughter and me both in some areas, and I was simply amazed at how much we got done. 

I casually mentioned this to my oldest married daughter. This morning I got a message from her saying ‘this fifteen minutes stuff is working great for me.’  I just laughed and praised the Lord.

C’mon, Moms. Your time matters!

“Remember how short my time is…”
Psalms 89:47

4 thoughts on “The Fifteen or Thirty Minute Principle”

  1. Such an encouraging post. About time, is redeeming the time just for dad’s? I want to learn more about how to manage my time and let it be fruitful. Thank you!
    It is definitely written to dads. However, you both may find it helpful to read it together before bed.

  2. I have to say, this principle is actually how I was able to read the Managers books! I didn’t have 15 minutes to spare at the time, but the short sections let me make progress with just 2-3 minute sessions.

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