Saturday Projects

Saturday, Dad and Mary had time available to help out with projects at Christopher and Anna Marie’s. It was again one of those amazing, sunny spring days that you can’t help but love.




I wandered over there with Ellie, who loves to be outside when it’s not too hot (seriously: she doesn’t know what summer is like in Kansas yet!).

At 30+ pounds, she is quite an armful to hold.





Then, Anna Marie and Mary washed screens, and Ellie thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.


This is the end result of a puppy playing in the water.
This is the end result of a puppy playing in the water.


“The labour of the righteous tendeth to life…”
Proverbs 10:16

4 thoughts on “Saturday Projects”

  1. Spring cleaning bug has bit me. Exhausting but so worth it. On my “day off” from work, I washed all my windows, inside and out, scrubbed the screens, AND washed and rehung all the curtains. Crazy, I know. But now the sunshine is just streaming through my happy, shiny home. A helpful spring hint that keeps my home organized is to do the heavy cleaning once or twice a year and then it is just a matter of a few hours a week to keep it up to your personal standards. Another tip is to declutter and donate whatever items you truly don’t use or need to your church trash and treasure sale or to a worthy non profit. The less you have, the less time it takes to manage and frees up more time for those things you truly love, like God, family and others. Happy Spring Maxwell family. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know your dad was a lefty!
    Wow, you are observant! He paints with both, but is right-handed. 🙂 Jesse and I are the only lefties.

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