Ellie Takes a Trip to Bass Pro Shop

We girls took Ellie with us to Bass Pro Shop yesterday. The sale racks had some awesome deals, and we enjoyed our time there. Ellie is growing so fast: life is totally an adventure to her.




“This shopping thing really tires a puppy out.”


“Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous:
for praise is comely for the upright.”
Psalm 33:1

6 thoughts on “Ellie Takes a Trip to Bass Pro Shop”

  1. My husband and I went there a lot before he passed away. We went to the one in Rancho Cucamonga in CA.

  2. She’s cute! Puppies can be so much fun to have around.

    It looks like you all had some nice time, as well!

  3. Such a cute puppy!! I didn’t know dogs were allowed in stores, though! 🙂

    Yes, Bass Pro Shop welcomes dogs, and in fact, the prior weekend had been some sort of dog weekend. The greeter even had a jar of dog biscuits, and Ellie gratefully partook of them. 😉

  4. Is Ellie trained and does she corporate with y’all??? My sister has 2 dogs and they are untrained and very crazy and rough….
    Her training is advancing very well.

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