Short Sleeves in February

We’ve had some amazing weather for February–in the 70s for a few days. Wow! It felt like spring.Β That’s Kansas for you. It can be warm one day and freezing the next. We took advantage of the weather and enjoyed family times with frisbee and a barbecue.

What about you all? Enjoying the unseasonable weather or are you having snow?


Tina wanted to watch Grandpa.
Tina wanted to watch Grandpa.

By the way, Tina’s shirt is not an announcement. Sorry. Wish it was!












“He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed…”
Proverbs 22:9

17 thoughts on “Short Sleeves in February”

  1. We had a couple of days in the high 60’s in Indianapolis! We have snow in the forecast Thursday! We miss the spring tease of central Kansas (McPherson)!

    I have to say that snow would still be nice, but it’s getting late enough, I doubt we’ll have much more!

  2. Yes, we’ve been enjoying the spring like weather too. Having two foster boys is keeping us hopping!

    The nice weather is great for little kids to play outside!

  3. I was just enjoying hanging out the laundry in our garden for the first time this year! The sun is shining and the wind blowing here in South West Germany. And you can see the first spring colours in God’s creation: violet and yellow crocuses, white snowdrops… Wonderful!

    Awww. How pretty!

  4. Wow, I thought the photo of Nathan tossing the Frisbee, was Joseph! As the sons get older, they really look like each other. The ball cap and facial hair added to the confusion…

    Some of my brothers’ voices are pretty similar too, so if you’re in another room, you might have to pause to figure out which one is talking!

  5. We had below freezing weather all last weekend and then Tuesday it was in the 50’s with rain. Yo-yo weather means spring to me!

    Not sure where you live, but changes like that are nice.

  6. Rainy and wet in the uk!

    Looks like your having great fun!


    Rainy days are great cookie-making days!

  7. Looks like Tina is wearing the “Big Sister” shirt, is that a clue???

    I noted it wasn’t in my original post under her picture.

  8. What a fun post! Love Abby’s expression in the third picture :)Oh, I was hoping Tina’s shirt was an announcement, haha πŸ˜‰ We’ve been having incredible weather and are so thankful for it (minus the mud…)! πŸ˜€

    Pretty amazing for y’all to be having warm weather!

  9. Such cute photos! πŸ™‚
    We’ve had a few “spring-like” days here in my part of Georgia too – – such a blessing!
    Love, Mrs. Patti

    Thanks. Yes, spring is just around the corner!

  10. …and today it’s really cold and raining…
    -> We also have this changing weather here.
    (But that means my husband stays at home today, yeah! He’s a landscape gardener.)

  11. The weather has been wonderful in Iowa as well, although not quite as warm! πŸ˜‰ These pictures are really fun watching the kids play made me smile. Your backyard looks wonderfully private and large! πŸ™‚

    Yes, the backyard has been such a blessing!

  12. The weather has been very unusual in Pennsylvania! Normally when they call for a big snowstorm we have to batten down the hatches and really be prepared. This last storm we only got about three inches. Farther south, in Virginia, my parents measured 18 inches by the time the snow stopped falling! Very crazy weather!! But, we are enjoying the warm days and not having to shovel or use the snowblower! πŸ™‚

    That is amazing!

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