The Sun is Always Shining

Yesterday, when flying, I had the experience of going from rain to sunshine. It was a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness. Even when it’s raining,¬†above those clouds, the sun is shining. As a spiritual analogy, if you’re experiencing a time of discouragement, turn your eyes on Jesus: joy is in sight!

I had a great flight home, and I was greeted by Mom, Mary, and my puppy. Ellie was a definite draw at the airport, with people stopping to pet her. I’m so grateful for all my family did to take care of Ellie.


Waiting in the airport before my flight.
Waiting in the airport before my flight.






Yay! So happy to Ellie again.
While I grabbed my bags, Mary kept busy with people wanting to pet Ellie. So cute.

“For I have said, Mercy shall be built up for ever:
thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens.”
Psalm 89:2

9 thoughts on “The Sun is Always Shining”

  1. What an adventure! And such beautiful pictures! I love the thought that behind every cloud in our lives, the Son is always shinning! Thank you for your encouragement! (:

  2. Ellie is getting big fast! Glad to hear you had a nice safe vacation. I’m sure the family is glad to have you back home!


  3. Happy Belated Birthday Ruthanne! I hope that you had a fun birthday:).
    P.S. Sarah, will you be doing a post on Ruthie`s birthday? I love seeing posts with all the extended family, and Ellie, of course:).

    Hi Amelia,

    No, I don’t do blog posts for the littles, just our immediate family. I’ll try to grab some pictures of the little ones sometime soon! I’m glad you enjoy the posts.

  4. Yes, that’s an analogy I think of often. It’s encouraging and so true. Glad you made it back safely. And Ellie is adorable.

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