The Number One Puppy Training Tool

Or at least, so we think! Let me introduce you to Stewart’s Beef Liver Treats. We buy a large 21 ounce container from Amazon, which supposedly has about 475 pieces. (The Amazon links in this post are affiliate. Read our disclosure/privacy policy here.) Then, because the pieces are large, and we’re using them frequently to train, we cut each piece into 4-8 bites. I put those into a container, and I keep a sandwich-size bag stocked with them in my pocket for when I train Ellie.


You can see how large the chunks are on the right. I cut them into smaller pieces as you can see slightly to the left.
You can see how large the chunks are on the right. I cut them into smaller pieces as you can see slightly to the left.

Right now, Ellie is learning several commands, but her best so far is “Off.” I can hold a treat in my open hand, and she will sit there and watch. As soon as I say “Yes,” she will take it. I’ve tried the standard dog biscuit types of treats, and while those are so-so to her, liver is hands-down her favorite. I think you’ll find, as we have, that your dog will respond enthusiastically to liver treats.

So, need something to help with your dog training? Check out Stewart’s Beef Liver Treats.


Ellie's amazing with learning "off."
Ellie’s amazing with learning “off.”


“Blessed be the LORD,
who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah.”
Psalm 68:19

3 thoughts on “The Number One Puppy Training Tool”

  1. Sarah
    We have a 7 month lab mix. Where did you get your dog bed and what kind is that? Our puppy is a real chewer but I’m so tired of laying the fleece blankets on the floor. Thought the bed would give a neater look.

    I actually got that bed from WalMart. It is super soft, and Ellie loves it! It was about $25.

  2. My gramma, who spends a lot of time training her dogs, swears by beef heart, which she gets cheaply from the butcher’s at her grocery store. She chops it up and freezes it, too. I’ll have to mention these liver treats as a back up, because her butcher doesn’t always have beef heart when she needs it.
    Whewwee. She’s a tough lady indeed. Can’t quite imagine handling frozen meat chunks as it would sure be a mess and maybe even raw meat can be hazardous to one’s health. Almost wonder if this is a joke, but oh well. The liver treats are freeze dried, very clean, (not messy to handle), and cheap.

  3. We were always told when training our dog to reserve that one irresistible treat for training sessions and ONLY for training sessions (and in our case, it was the liver treats as well). That way you get more consistent compliance because they really REALLY want THAT treat and will work for it! And the smaller the pieces, the better (as you have figured out) since you don’t want them to fill up on them, just feel rewarded. Good job, Sarah and Ellie!

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