6 thoughts on “Bethany and Ellie”

  1. Cute pic!
    Will Ellie get to be an indoor dog?
    We love dogs here but only have littles.
    Family has Lab and Great Dane. All indoor dogs. We love them all.

    We are going to miss Maple so now we are wondering if your next series will include a dog as well.

    Thanks for another adorable picture.

    Johnna and Stormie

    Definitely an indoor dog. She’s on my lap with her favorite blanket right now ;). I’m thinking a dog is going to make it in the next book!

  2. Oh, that is so cute! Ellie is going to be very well-loved by all of the family. She is such a pretty color. So glad everyone is enjoying her!

  3. Beautiful!

    Do you have some sort of routine with Ellie?

    Yes to bedtimes/waketimes. With during the day, as I’m housetraining her, it’s mainly watching the time and such. But eventually she might settle into a good routine. We’ve been doing an outside playtime too.

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