Cooking Ahead with Anna Marie and Anna

Anna Marie and her baby are doing well, but Anna Marie is starting to feel her varicose veins a little. So, she and Anna decided to do a “burrito blitz” and stock their freezer with 100 burritos for easy dinners later on. They were an awesome team!

First, they used Costco uncooked tortillas and set up several fry pans and lightly cooked them. Then, they grabbed a tortilla, spread a layer of refried beans, seasoned hamburger meat, and cheese over half of it, and then rolled them. The burritos were flash-frozen in the freezer and afterward put into plastic bags for easy storage. Now all Anna Marie has to do when the need arises is grab the number out she needs and heat in the oven.




“The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places;
yea, I have a goodly heritage.”
Psalm 16:6

7 thoughts on “Cooking Ahead with Anna Marie and Anna”

  1. I love freezer cooking, as it helps keep us from eating out (at least just from being short on time–we do occasionally eat out 🙂 ) and it helps me not feel so frazzed on those especially busy days. It’s also great for motorhome travel in the summer! We have also had a freezer meal “party” where several ladies got together to assemble in about 3 hours 20-30 freezer meals for a mom who was due to have a baby. My favorite has become “dump freezer meals” because you don’t have to pre-cook anything before freezing, and then you just thaw and put it in the crockpot or oven. I keep a notebook with sheet-protected printouts of all the freezer recipes we have liked, so when a certain meat goes on sale, I can just open my notebook and assemble freezer meals that use that meat.

  2. How sweet of Anna to help her.
    Anna Marie is always glowing! I will be keeping her in my prayers. Thanks for this post and photos. Blessings.

  3. My varicose veins were quite painful. If I wore very strong, supportive nylons (must be the kind that are from toe to waist) immediately upon arising in the morning, my legs felt fine. I hope this helps.

  4. Wow!! That’s a lot of burritos!! I love the idea of freezer meals but don’t have a freezer other than underneath the fridge.
    I hope Anna Marie continues to feel well. She is blessed to have family around to help. What a blessing Anna was to help her in the kitchen!!


  5. That is such as great idea. Maybe Anna and Anna Marie can make even more meals to freeze. It would be nice for Anna Marie especially after the baby is born. I think it was be great to have a freezer meal party as suggested by Jackie. Maybe it could be part of the baby shower. If Anna Marie doesn’t have a second freezer, maybe one could purchase her one as a gift. My family has a second fridge and we love it. You can freeze almost everything, but I haven’t had any luck with eggplant.

  6. I’m so happy that the Maxwell boys married young ladies who each love the Lord so much. I’m also happy for these wives who have such wonderful fellowship with their sisters-in-law.

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