John’s Birthday Party

It seems birthdays in our immediate family come in clumps: two in January and none until three in August, followed by September and October.

John’s pick was pizza for dinner. The girls made 5 pizzas and countless breadsticks, and all the pizza save one piece was eaten. We had a great time celebrating the dawning of another year for John! 


"Help" blowing out candles.
“Help” blowing out candles.


“Thy faithfulness is unto all generations:
thou hast established the earth, and it abideth.”
Psalm 119:90

4 thoughts on “John’s Birthday Party”

  1. Happy Birthday, John! Long before you were conceived, God’s love for you was born!

    With love from New Jersey,

    Lisa and Family

  2. Happy Birthday, John!! (a few days late, but still wanted to send birthday blessings to you!) 🙂
    Your pizza party looks like it was fun and yummy!
    God bless you always, Mrs. Patti

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