Catching Up

Can you believe it’s mid-January? Already the year is off to a fast start.

I want to share pictures from events at the end of the year. We had a week-later-caroling party, and we found it worked better to do it then versus the night of. Much more relaxing! We started off with (no surprise) singing carols. Then, we enjoyed a bountiful spread of goodies. Anna Marie, along with some help from Mary, had prepared a delicious array of cookies, along with crackers/cheese and other items. With all 22 of us, we fill up a dining room, but the more the merrier! When we were through, we enjoyed Bible time.

New Year’s Eve, we had a pizza party, followed by fellowship and Bible time. After the younger families left, our immediate group had a prayer time and then headed for bed.


Calia and Dad
Ruthanne has become GiGi’s little buddy: just going over and snuggling next to her.


Aunt Mary and Drew
Aunt Mary and Drew
The whole group. The wide-angle lens comes in handy here!
The whole group. The wide-angle lens comes in handy here!
Betsy, Anna, and Abby reading together.
Betsy, Anna, and Abby reading together.



Did I surprise you? Here’s a random picture from a dinner over at Joseph and Elissa’s. 😉

Now below you’ll find pictures from New Year’s Eve.

An intense game of Go Fish in process.
Calia and I--in pink
Calia and I–in pink
John with a lap full. Drew loves Calia.
John with a lap full. Drew loves Calia.

“Serve the LORD with gladness:
come before his presence with singing.”
Psalm 100:2

7 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Lots of cute pics but are you sure that is Ruthanne in the red sweater? Looks more like Lydia to me. Lots of fun get together’s you folks are able to have. That is wonderful! Snacks always look so delicious.


    After I posted, we caught that. 🙂 It’s hard to keep them all straight!

  2. Love seeing all the smiles and obvious love for each other! Such a blessing! Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  3. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures! Is Mary still going to do a post about her trip to the processing center? I’d like to hear about that. =)
    Still planning on it. Watch for it soon!

  4. Such sweet pictures! Now, I’ve never seen Go Fish played that way. Whenever I’ve played it, we distribute a certain number of cards to each player and leave some set aside. Then one player asks another if they have a certain type of card (say 8s) and if other player has it, they have to give it to the first player. If the player doesn’t have the card, they say “Go Fish” and the first player has to pick a card from the deck. The player who has the most pairs at the end wins. How do you all play it? More like a memory game?

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