Handling Life, Pregnancy, and Little Ones

I love it when it works out for you to hear directly from a sister-in-law. Here are Anna Marie’s thoughts on how she’s managed with three littles and morning sickness.

I love children! I have since I can remember. Years before Christopher and I began our relationship, I read Managers of Their Homes and thought that if the Lord ever blessed me with a family, I would want to implement the ideas shared in that book. Now, with three little ones and another on the way, I can tell you it has already helped us in numerous ways.

While I’ve enjoyed having a schedule to help me be sure to fit in the things which are most important to me, I appreciate it all the more when I’m dealing with morning sickness (though I don’t get as sick as many mommies I know!) and “pregnancy fog.” My activities are already laid out, and I know what to do next.

I want to share with you a few of my favorite elements of our schedule in hopes that it will be an encouragement to you if you already are scheduling, or maybe inspire you to start if you haven’t yet!

DSC_2202When Ruthanne was a baby, I would have her sitting on my lap while Joshua and I did our phonics flash cards. A side benefit that I didn’t really plan on is that at twenty months old she already knows most of the letter names and sounds!

DSC_2242Joshua loves to work puzzles, but I didn’t often find convenient times for him to do it until I gave him a fifteen minute time block to build puzzles while I get the girls down for their morning naps. He loves that time, and it also keeps him happily occupied with a constructive activity while I am busy elsewhere.

Reading stories has been one of my favorite things to do with little DSC_2259ones through the years. I put a story time on the schedule for right after naps, and it has been delightful to once again read old favorites—only now to my own little ones!

If you’ve thought about scheduling but are just hesitant to jump in, let me just say that one nice thing about a schedule is that you can tailor it to suit your own individual needs and family. Personally, I’m not naturally a super task-oriented person, and having a schedule has helped me keep some order and routine going when otherwise it would tend to fall apart.

Mom (or one of the girls) and I walk together most week day afternoons.
Mom (or one of the girls) and I walk together most week day afternoons.

Also, if you have any moms on your Christmas gift list who do not have Managers of Their Homes, I heartily recommend it as a wonderful gift that will keep on giving so long as they utilize its contents!

Anna Marie

“I will praise thee for ever, because thou
hast done it: and I will wait on thy name;
for it is good before thy saints.”
Psalm 52:9

12 thoughts on “Handling Life, Pregnancy, and Little Ones”

  1. Thank you very much, Anna Marie, for the post: Beautiful photos and encouraging words! I recently thought about how much our will is important in achieving goals like following a schedule. It’s not about feelings or if I do have enough “motivation” = good feelings. But it’s about having a goal in front of your eyes and being willing to walk towards that goal. That’s why the Bible (esp. Proverbs) gives us so many advices. Thank you for sharing about your daily life! I’m so glad you are so positive!

    You’re so right about not going by feelings. Thanks for sharing!

  2. …and by the way: are you using cloth diapers as it appears to me in the headline picture?

    Yes, she does!

  3. I can give a perspective as mom with a young adult raised with MOTH. When my daughter was born my sweet friend ask the Lord what she could bring me (Yep, MOTH). That was 12 years ago. This week my oldest son arrived home from college. Friends have jokingly asked about the large amount of laundry he probably brought home. He had all of it done when he got here. He is used to living life with a schedule. God has truly blessed us in many ways with this book.

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really appreciated this blog post by Anna Marie. It brought encouragement to my heart and hope. I am a mother of 5 little ones (6 and under) and often feel like I am drowning and very stressed. This past year has been extra stressful due to several complications I had after baby #5. I have thought about doing a schedule several times. But after reading this post, it has challenged me even more to try it and see if it helps with the everyday load and stress level of mothering 5 children, homeschooling, being a wife, and taking care of a house. Thanks so much for sharing little pieces of your journey as a mother and wife. Congratulations on baby #4!

    Bless your heart! You’ve faced a lot of challenges. May the Lord continue to give you strength!

  5. When I saw the post announcing that Anna-Marie was expecting again I was thinking of e-mailing asking if she could do a post on how she does it all. I didn’t since I figured she wouldn’t have time. But wow, this feels like an answer to prayer. And I am so thankful for it. I would love it if she could post anymore advice. I greatly struggle on how to get it all done. I schedule everything and still struggle. My husband works a swing shift job, 12-hour shifts and every week changes for our family due to his job. But anyway, thank you Anna-Marie.

    We’ll definitely keep future posts in mind! I (Sarah) am hoping it works out for you to hear from Melanie soon too. With your husband working swing shift–ouch–that is hard. Do you have MOTH yet? Did you know with ScheduleBreeze you can make different schedules up? It’s very simple!

  6. So nice to read this post. I was wondering how it was going. I love the special times planned for reading and puzzles.
    I have 4 children, but the oldest 3 are school age. We have our scheduled times of breakfast, school start, main break, meal times, and bedtime, etc.
    Although we only list what needs to be done during each period of time, not exact start & stop. This is for my sanity!
    Since my husband has his own business and often needs one, or more, of us – he trys to schedule around our main points. Only way I don’t panic over something not getting done, or time changed.
    I did utilize MOTH to finally reach this goal.
    Thank you and Merry CHRISTmas!

  7. Thank you Anna Marie for the post. It is very inspiring. What phonics curriculum do you use?

    Christ Centered Phonics. If you have the Managers of Their Schools book, check in the back for the discount!

  8. So nice to read. I’ve used MOTH since I started homeschooling. I think the biggest challenge for me is to not plan to do too much. I want to do more in a day than is possible. I even plan any random days when are regular schedule won’t work. Helps my stress so much.

    Your husband would also be a great resource in helping you know what’s “too much”. 😉

  9. Does Anna Marie sew all the girls jumpers? If so, is there a good resource for patterns? I appreciate all of you! Blessings.

    She sews some and some she buys at thrift stores and other places. I think she finds patterns randomly! 😉

  10. Thank you so much Anna-Marie and Sarah!! This one post has brought much fruit in my and my family’s life, among other things scheduling progress and introduction of read-aloud time with my children.
    And another fruit from another post involving you both a few years ago is that I am at last wearing my very first nursing jumper, which I enjoy very much. It has been a long process and I didn’t sew it myself (only designed it), but it clearly is something that grew out of your encouragement!
    Blessings from Belgium,

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