Christmas Treats

We girls love to bake, and this afternoon, Anna and I dipped candy, rolled truffles, and made cookie dough. Delightful! We missed Mary, but she’s on her way home after a great time. We have plenty more pictures to share which we’re saving when you’ll hear directly from Mary.

So what kind of Christmas baking are you doing this week? I’d love to hear! We will be giving away some of the treats to service people who have blessed us this past year. Top on our list are our police officers and trash guys.


This is what rolling truffles does to one's hands!
This is what rolling truffles does to one’s hands!
Anna making cookie dough
Anna making cookie dough
Thanks, Mom, for grabbing this picture.
Thanks, Mom, for grabbing this picture.

“My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD:
and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever.”
Psalm 145:21

10 thoughts on “Christmas Treats”

  1. Your treats sound delicious! I am making Italian cookies this week. Annisette cookies or licorice flavored is one, then a cookie called Pizzettes, which is a chocolate one with orange, almond and very strong coffee base-these are the favorites of all that get them:-) Very time consuming , but so worth it! Merry Christmas,

    Good for you! Although I prefer my chocolate without fruit flavors. šŸ˜‰

  2. I will be baking for our Police and Fire departments this year. One of my favorite holiday treats is Oreo truffles. It’s a bag of Oreo cookies run though a food processor and mixed with 8oz cream cheese then, rolled in melted chocolate. I am also going to do chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. One of my favorite tricks when using melted chocolate is to melt/keep it melted in a crockpot. I hope you have a joyous Christmas season.

    That’s great! One of our truffles was basically the same as yours, except using the vanilla Oreos and then almond bark coating. So amazingly delicious! Good idea on the crockpot and chocolate.

  3. We’re not really doing much baking yet (a family birthday is on Wednesday, so we usually try to respect that before putting on our whole Christmas), but we are making chocolate peanut clusters since the birthday boy loves them. They are super simple (three ingredients!) but taste like a chocolate shop. We will do spritz butter cookies (both vanilla and cocoa) complete with messy sprinkles after that. We love this season!

    Sounds delicious! Mom loves butter cookies!

  4. Oh fun!! Y’all look lovely in the aprons. šŸ™‚ We’re finishing our family Christmas card this week!

    Thanks. I love wearing my Christmas apron, and Anna loves polka-dots! šŸ˜‰ Good job on getting your card finished. They are always amazing!

  5. We are having our 4 small nieces and nephews over for baking and frosting about 4 dozen sugar Christmas cookies on Sunday! I love watching them decorate their masterpieces and especially love it when they make a special cookie with a loved one in mind.

    Now that sounds wonderful! What special memories.

  6. Sarah, I love your apron! Festive and pretty!
    I made some brownies a couple of days ago but now they are almost gone… how did that happen!? haha šŸ˜€ We’re also planning to make chocolate chip cookies later this week!

    Thanks. Brownies are so delicious (especially gooey ones).

  7. Every year I make gingerbread caramels for co-workers, family, neighbors and church friends. I boiled and poured them last week and today I’m cutting, wrapping, and packaging them.

    Good job! Although I love caramel, making even salted caramel sauces didn’t seem to work well for me. šŸ˜‰

  8. Those cookies look absolutely delicious! I love seeing all the pictures of your family doing fun things together. That’s a very pretty Christmas apron that Sarah is wearing.

    We love doing things together!

  9. We made “Puppy Chow” as our give-away this year. No baking to it but it’s fun to package up in “doggy bags”. Folks love it and those who know us well, know that we (especially our little)love dogs so they aren’t surprised at our choice of goodies.


    Delicious. I personally love puppy chow, and we’re having that as a treat on Christmas Eve ;).

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