Operation Christmas Child Volunteering!

Happy graduation, Mary! Joseph and Elissa’s gift to Mary was to take her on a trip to the Denver Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Processing Plant and experience volunteering there for several days this December. The day has finally arrived, and Mary, Joseph, Elissa, and Calia are currently on their way to Denver. We’re so excited for them to have this opportunity! Oh, and if you happen to be there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, look for Mary and Joseph. They’d love to meet you.


Mary, Joseph, Calia, and Elissa last night as we had, J, E, and C over for dinner.
Mary, Joseph, Calia, and Elissa last night as we had, J, E, and C over for dinner.
All packed up and ready to leave!
All packed up and ready to leave!

“The LORD preserveth the strangers;
he relieveth the fatherless and widow:
but the way of the wicked he turneth upside down.”
Psalm 146:9

8 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child Volunteering!”

  1. Such a wonderful gift from Joseph & Elissa.
    How exciting for Mary! I’m sure she will have a great time as there is nothing better than to serve our Lord.

    Yes, she loves to do that sort of thing.

  2. That’s wonderful! We did it for a day here in Dallas, and the people were great. We sure were tired the next day, though–it’s a lot of time on your feet. Gives you a true appreciation for those that do assembly line work. So refreshing to see the thousands of boxes people have taken the time to put together. God is good!

  3. That’s a wonderful gift. A wonderful way to bless Mary and serve the needs of others.

    Will they be staying with family/friends in Colorado?

  4. Oh wow I should have read this post first. Really nice gift from Joseph and Elissa. I want to do this here in Dallas soon

  5. What a blessing for her to receive such a wonderful gift and give of her time to help others. This coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I am volunteering 12-6pm with the YWCA wrapping and packing of all the donated gifts for families this Christmas. It amazes me how generous people are in their giving.

    Hoping Mary enjoys her time of serving God through volunteering.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

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