I Love Christmas

Don’t you? It’s such a wonderful time of the year, and Christmas is my favorite holiday, celebrating Jesus’ birth!

I love extra-special family get-togethers and outings, baking times, spreading joy to others, Christmas music, shopping, and so much more.

For those who may be wondering, we decided not to do music for Walk Through Bethlehem and our own concert. The main reason being the time it takes to practice/prepare, and the guys’ have full work loads. So, this year, we opted not to, although we all miss it.





We went to a Messiah performance last night. Amazing! This was afterward (sorry no pictures of the concert due to not being a distraction to the musicians).
Joseph and Dashon Burton who was one of the four lead singers.
Joseph and Dashon Burton who was one of the four lead singers.
John got a selfie with Dashon Burton
John got a selfie with Dashon Burton

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for,
behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy,
which shall be to all people.”
Luke 2:10

7 thoughts on “I Love Christmas”

  1. I’ve been following your blog for several years now. I always enjoy the posts.
    I am also a member of the Independence Messiah Choir. It’s so exciting to see and hear that you were ministered to by the performance. In Messiah Choir we have an opening prayer every week at rehearsal. We pray that we can work hard, our director(s) will be inspired, and most importantly, that when it comes time to perform, that our music will honor God and minister to those that hear. It’s always good to hear just how the Lord answers that prayer.
    May you all be blessed with a joyous Christmas season.
    Rachel (Alto)
    We loved it. Thank you for your part. So much fun to know you were apart. 😉 Small world!

  2. There are so many activities to do in December. Are you planning on attending Zoo Lights at your local zoo. I am sure that the little ones would love it. Are you still going to attend Walk Through Bethlehem? How about Christmas caroling? I loved doing it as a child. Our local library also offers many free programs during December. I am going to see a program on The Christmas Carol. The month of December is wonderful.
    No zoo. WTB was last night. Caroling still to come.

  3. Ah, the Kauffman Center. Such a beautiful place. My husband and I went to a “Messiah” performance several years ago and I really enjoyed it. I hope you all had a great time!
    It was fantastic!!

  4. Yes, I love Christmas too! And tonight we’re getting our decorations up, plus I need to start working on our cards this week. I can’t believe this time of year is finally here!
    I feel bad for people who don’t look forward to Christmas because it makes them feel sad. We have some close friends who dread Christmas because it brings back so many painful memories. I’m thankful that the majority of my Christmas memories are good!

    Rebecca K.

    Yes, Christmas is painful for those who have experienced loss. My heart goes out to them during this time.

  5. Ahhhh. Christmas,How can you not love it? it is so beautiful and you get the greatest gift you could possibly have, the birth of our Savior. Great post this was awesome!

    Watch for more Christmas-related posts. 😉

  6. I have never been to a Messiah performance. Each year there are so many choices of things to do that I have just never put this on the schedule. I plan to though.
    I love those cookies. The first time I made them I as certain mine wouldn’t turn out correctly. I was so excited when I brought them out of the oven and they looked so COOL. It worked!

    We love WTB and have it scheduled for next weekend, along with a 5K run and a trip to Louisiana for Christmas Light and Fireworks show.

    Tomorrow begins our first of many Christmas parties with friends, family and friends we haven’t met yet.

    I am so thankful for all of your posts. I learn a lot. I get great ideas of creative things to see and do and so much more.

    Thank you Maxwell Family for your ministry.

    You are kind, Johnna, and a blessing to us! Enjoy all you have coming up!

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