Anna Marie’s Thoughts on Baby #4!

It has been sweet to see the response to our family “mini session” photo. Yes, we are overjoyed that Baby #4 is on the way, and we anticipate meeting him/her in July! It’s fun that at this point all of our birthdays create a monthly lineup, and it looks like the next little one will join right in! I am feeling quite well, with some “morning” sickness kicking in and reminding me to go easy on the holiday treats. 😉

I have been thrilled each time we find out a new baby is on the way, and I love to see Christopher’s excitement, too. This is the first pregnancy where we now get to see the little ones excited as well. We told Joshua and Ruthanne during their before-bed prayer time on a Saturday evening and weren’t sure how much of an impact it would have on them. Joshua caught on right away and was so excited he was telling some of our dear friends at church the next morning—before we had a chance to share with our families! Ruthanne, typical fashion, wanted to see the baby. 🙂

Thank you for your prayers for this pregnancy and for us as we seek to raise these precious little ones in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!

Anna Marie

Anna Marie Maxwell

“The LORD God is my strength…”
Habakkuk 3:19

18 thoughts on “Anna Marie’s Thoughts on Baby #4!”

  1. Thank you for the post/sharing your thoughts with us Anna Marie. You look so radiant. I’m so happy for you both! God is good!

    Praying for a wonderful pregnancy and birth. Blessings.

  2. Congratulations! I just found out this weekend that I am pregnant with our second child – you and I are due only a few weeks apart (I’m in August)! Babies are such a blessing!
    Yeah! Congratulations.

  3. That is a very beautiful picture of Anna Marie! I had a feeling there was another one on the way! How exciting! Congratulations!!! I will keep you in my prayers!

  4. Congratulations your new sweet one, and we will certainly join with you in prayer for a healthy pregnancy and baby. I can only imagine the excitement in your home with Christmas and the announcement of a new little one. Thank you for sharing your sweet thoughts and your beautiful family with us.

    Merry Christmas and much love.


  5. Exciting news!! Such fun to see the Maxwell family growing over the years! Thanks for keeping us updated through the blog.

  6. Anna Marie, what you wrote is so sweet!
    After a long period of waiting (over 6 years) I gave birth to a boy just a few days before little Ruthie was born. But when I start thinking about having another little one plus being pregnant again… wow, quite overwhelming! (We would love to have more children, Lord willing, though.)
    I am really impressed by your joy and the peace you radiate! I know it is not YOU but it is the Lord to be praised! I think He can use you as an example for other women and mothers like me.
    Yes, you are really privileged and blessed by a godly husband, good health, beautiful children, a house, help from sisters-in-law… BUT I think every child of God has to learn to give up him/herself. And being the vessel for bringing godly seed into the world certainly is not always easy (my pregnancy for example was quite “normal”, but not always sunshine). It’s not only about the body having problems like morning sickness, being tired…, but also about speaking and behaving in a gentle, calm, patient manner e.g. with the kids in the meanwhile. This is really challenging! We daily need the Lord’s help! This is how we learn to humble ourselves.
    May God continue to bless you and your family!

  7. Praise and Blessings! This is the first post I recall seeing from Anna-Marie and it is so nice to “hear” your voice. You do absolutely glow when you are pregnant in a way that many women seem to, but you especially. But you also have a lovely glow about you in general. You appear to be someone I would enjoy knowing in “real” life. 😉


  8. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
    Such a lovely photo of you! 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  9. Thank you, Anna Marie, for sharing your heart! We rejoice with you and Christopher! How God has blessed you all! Praise Him!

    Sending prayers and love from New Jersey, and wishes for a beautiful Christmas and New Year filled with wonders of His love!

    Lisa and Family

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