ITonRamp to Close Scheduled Courses

When I write a blog post, it tends to be on baby news or updates. I wish I had some of that news to share, but at the moment we don’t! Hopefully soon. Congratulations to Joseph and Elissa on their Calia.

Instead, I’m sharing some other news, on the subject of We launched ITonRamp in May of 2011, with the goal of equipping others with technical skills. That has been successful. Young people and parents alike have taken many courses and learned a lot. However, ITonRamp has not met our growth goals, so we’ve felt led to close the scheduled courses side. As we evaluate our business model, we may offer videos of the courses, but we’re not sure.

I am grateful for my family’s support, both in leading classes and behind the scenes help. Sarah, in particular, has been amazing at holding the organization together, keeping us on schedule, and ensuring that all the pieces needed for each course were in place.

We’ve found if a business doesn’t meet your goals, it’s time to move on. Thus, I’m renewing my focus on my IT work.

We have put one more Computer Essentials on the schedule in case anyone was waiting to take it. It will be November 10th-December 8th. Also, I know there are some out there who have considered going through A+. We are praying about making the videos from the last A+ course available in an on-demand format for the next few months. If you are interested, please leave a comment, and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you to each person who has participated in classes. May God bless and grow your technical skills for His glory.

In Christ,


“Seek the LORD, and his strength:
seek his face evermore.”
Psalm 105:4

10 thoughts on “ITonRamp to Close Scheduled Courses”

  1. Our oldest son is 10 but might benefit from the A+ course videos even now depending on the price. This might be the Lord’s timing for him to start the more intense computer training he has been requesting; my initial response was for him to wait until he was 12. We will be praying as well. Thank you for following the Lord’s leading as you equip others.

  2. It is a blessing to have the wisdom to know when to shift your business focus. IT is such a rapidly-changing industry, you have done well to progress to this point! Best wishes as you reevaluate your strategy and direction. No doubt you will be successful in your next venture.

  3. We have taken one course already and were really hoping to be able to take more in the future. We would definitely purchase the video courses if they were available.

  4. I took one of your classes and really enjoyed it. Was hoping to see some more that would be useful to me. I do understand the Lord moving us in different directions though. Will be interested to see where the Lord leads you all next I’m still praying for a photography course sometime however, hint, hint!!


  5. Hi Nathan, my family and I went to the conference in Fort Mill two weeks ago, and I looked up your IT classes. I am employed full-time now in the military as a recruiter but I am interested in working in IT from home as soon as the Lord allows. I am open to your recommendations as to what to pursue for an at-home business. Thank you,

  6. Oh, I’m sad about this! Our oldest son recently turned 12, and we had been hoping he could take some of your courses. He has a passion for electronics and computers, and he is really gifted in that area. He has been studying the A+ book, but it would be great to have some direction. We would be interested in the video option.

    Thanks! We’ll be in contact!

  7. We would also access/purchase the videos for A+ as the children are getting older and soon would be ready. We have 2 that will be signing up for the Computer Essentials this week because we don’t want to miss the opportunity. If you end up putting this last one on video/access we have 1 more that we would purchase it for in the future. We have 3 that would take the A+ in video format this year if that is released (1 later). My husband still considers that the most profitable class he took in preparation for his A+ certification. He was looking forward to more and many classes and would be interested if you made other class videos. Would you be considering your former Quick Books class to be one you might put on video? We have one high school g-daughter that had plans of taking it.
    I know you don’t do anything without prayer and God’s leading so we will be thanking and praising God with you for what He will guide you to and through in your IT focus. We also will support any videos that you release as they have been very profitable in our family. We have been blessed with different family members in Computer Essentials, A+ class, I-Phone, and Web Design (there might have been more). We are truly grateful for the experience and knowledge your family shared through the classes. Each class was well planned, informative, and professional. Thank you Nathan and Joseph for the classes we took. Also, we are very grateful to Anna and Sarah who were involved and checked on me (Mom) as mentor for females when I took a class. May God continue to be glorified in your next season! The T family

    Thanks for all your feedback! You are a blessing to us ;). We’ll contact you!

  8. I took the Quickbooks course with Christopher and gleaned so much that I use it everyday. I was hoping to have one of my daughters take the course this fall or in the winter, so am disappointed that there will be no more courses. If you do release a video on the course, we will definitely be interested in it. We praise God for your whole family and look forward to seeing how He will use you in the future. Thank you, Christopher, for your diligence in instructing Quickbooks, for your Godly focus in the everyday financial world, and for putting Jesus first in your life. It’s so evident! God bless you!

  9. My son who is 15 was very excited about taking all your courses. We are signing him up for the one in November. I know he would be interested in whatever you have available for advancing as far as possible! Thank you, Andrea

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