Congratulations, Mary!

Mary just finished an exciting project. Can you guess?!

It’s time to celebrate.



She enjoyed a little autumn baking yesterday. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after completing a huge project, and I can’t wait to share with y’all about it!


PS – I don’t think you need any more hints, but if you do, since she’s finished, I’m still working.

“My meditation of him shall be sweet:
I will be glad in the LORD.”
Psalm 104:34

11 thoughts on “Congratulations, Mary!”

  1. I’m going to guess she’s finished illustrating the newest Moody book. Whatever it is Congrat’s Mary. Yes, chocolate to celebrate!

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait!!!!! Did Mary finish illustrating the next Moody book?!?!?

    She did. Good guess!

  3. Hmmm…. I’m thinking illustrations for the new Moody book? That would be very exciting!!

    Yes ;).

  4. Because of “since sheโ€™s finished, Iโ€™m still working” – I’m guessing it has to do something with Moody books. Can’t wait to find out more! Blessings.

    Yes, it’s exciting!

  5. I guess that Mary is illustrating a new Moody Book? Fall baking with the pumpkin? Chocolate is always a good thing–my favorite is Godiva Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

    Yes, you’re correct. She did make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

  6. A new Moody book? How exciting for you! “Celebrations with the Moody’s” maybe? Now I’m wondering what they’re celebrating…

    Thinking of you with the editing ahead of you, Sarah!

    Blessings, Georgina xx

    Good guess; it is a Moody book, but that’s not the title! It’s extremely close to being done. I’m so happy.

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