Overcome Your Procrastination

“Your success in life and work will be determined by the kinds of habits that you develop over time. The habit of setting priorities, overcoming procrastination, and getting on with your most important task is a mental and physical skill. As such, this habit is learnable through practice and repetition, over and over again, until it locks into your subconscious mind and becomes a permanent part of your behavior. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes both automatic and easy to do.” (Eat That Frog – 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time)
marys-sketch-blog-3For some moms, making the schedule is the easy part. They produce schedule after schedule, but they never manage to live those schedules. They put their priorities into their schedule, but they don’t move on to developing the habit of following it. As Brian Tracy says, it takes mental and physical skill to learn a new habit, and it is achievable through repetition.

We all had to work pretty hard when we first learned to ride a bike. Then with practice, it became second nature. Then even though the practice took effort, we found riding a bike enjoyable.

If you have to, force yourself to stick to your schedule until it becomes a habit. We think you will be highly pleased and love the peace and productivity that results. Remember, that is why you decided you needed a schedule. As soon as it is habit, it will simply flow without you having to continue forcing yourself to follow the schedule!

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“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
(Philippians 4:13)

4 thoughts on “Overcome Your Procrastination”

  1. That is so true!
    Following the schedule is an area where I often struggle. I know my husband highly appreciates when I do my tasks. Just this week I started again with a schedule and I am so happy that after 3 (!) days my family recognized a tidier house.
    I know I can only do it through Christ and it is so important to pray for His help every morning, that means saying I cannot do it by my own. I did not learn accomplishing tast after task as a child (I was not taught), but I think it’s so important for us parents to teach our children! Because life is easier when your daily work “locks into your subconscious mind and becomes a permanent part of your behavior”.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this post Mrs Maxwell. You are right, we just need to stick to it!

    Mary’s artistic skills are amazing!

  3. As a night owl who inadvertently ends up sabotaging our schedule by staying up too late and thus sleeping in past my wake-up time the next day, I needed this post today! Thanks for writing it. 🙂

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