Monday’s Hike

We are home and settled in, but I wanted to share about Monday’s hike, our last one before we hit the road. Only Mom, Anna, Jesse, Mary, and I went, and we started out at Denny Creek’s trailhead. It’ll take you to (a) Mount Yale, (b) Brown’s Pass, (c) Hartenstein Lake, (d) probably other places. We went for (c).


It was a gorgeous morning to hike with great company, pleasant temperatures–what more could you ask for?


We’ve had many stream crossings on this trip. The number of sturdy logs shown above make this one easy.


As we got to this point, Jesse recalled a discussion from probably 10 years ago when the five younger named this stream Diesel Dad’s Crossing. We had to get a picture!


When we reached the lake, we sat down to enjoy a snack. Suddenly, Mom called, “Moose!”

Sure enough, a bull moose plodded from the woods and into the lake. Amazing! Of course, I didn’t have my nice camera with me, so all we had were iPhones with which to take pictures. We hiked around the lake to get a better view. He was impressive to watch as he sloshed in the water, drinking and probably eating some kind of water grass. So nice!

The moose is too small to see, but it’s in the picture too.

IMG_6770 IMG_6791


We were blessed by our time in Colorado. It was extremely refreshing!

Yeah, happy birthday Mom!


“Which doeth great things and unsearchable;
marvellous things without number.”
Job 5:9

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Hike”

  1. Love how active your mom is! It’s so nice to the kids still wanting to spend time with parents, a thing that has definitely gotten lost as new generations are coming. Cherish these moments!

  2. Love all the pics. I want to go with you all some time. It just looks so peaceful. I love walking in the woods and by bodies of water. So glad you were able to make the trip. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  3. Oh, so glad your trip was refreshing! Pretty cool re the moose! And that lake is gorgeous!!

  4. Enjoyed these photos, and your precious Mom is such an inspiration to me! 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

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