Mount Democrat: A Maxwell 14er

I’ll give you a peek into yesterday’s hike. I have many pictures to sort through from various phones and my DSLR. Mom had the time of her life with hiking a 14er on her 60th birthday. It was great!

To make things more interesting, John, Anna, Jesse, Mary, and I hiked two more 14ers right near Democrat: Mount Cameron and Mount Lincoln. I’ll share some pictures from the trek up to Democrat below, but I have many more, along with the adventure to summit the double 14ers.

Enjoying Colorado!



Mount Democrat Family Picture

“The glory of the LORD shall endure for ever:
the LORD shall rejoice in his works.”
Psalm 104:31

8 thoughts on “Mount Democrat: A Maxwell 14er”

  1. Looks like the weather held out; glad to see that! Wow, those mountains look really rugged. Are the pathways up the mountain well marked? The pictures with all of those giant stones look daunting to me!
    Some are well marked and some aren’t. This one was average. There were stones piled (cairns) at times to mark the trail.

  2. Wow, I am very impressed. I hope when our children are bigger we can continue to go on camping and hiking trips with them; and hike some mountains like you do!

    We really enjoy doing it together!

  3. Hiking a 14er on 60th birthday must be amazing! What an achievement and a great way to enjoy God’s wonderful creation together.

  4. I must admit one of the reasons I so enjoy your hiking photos is because I have a huge fear of heights and will never be able to do what you do. That photo of Sarah in the steep rocks seriously gives me vertigo! Congrats on the 14er on your 60th birthday, Teri! You all are in awesome shape!

  5. Honestly your family is just amazing! So glad you all decided to go take your trip to Colorado. Love pics from the mountains and the unexpected excitement as well.


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