Keeping Track of Memories Is Important

Through our almost 41 years of marriage, Steve has made it a priority to nurture our relationship, give me a break from my normal household responsibilities, and figure out ways for us to have very special time for the two of us in the midst of raising a large, growing family.

I have a treasured file on my computer that lists any time that Steve and I have had a night or more away—just the two of us—the last 23 years. Would you believe when I counted, I have 39 different occasions? That averages more than 1.5 get a-ways for the two of us per year. Some of those we would have forgotten without the list.

Regrettably for the first 17 years of our marriage, I didn’t keep track of those outings. During the early years of our marriage, weekends away for the two of us were perhaps even more precious because we had to hire a babysitter in order to leave home. I wish I had a listing of those times as well. 

I want to encourage you to keep memory lists—pretty easy with computers—of special events you want to be able to recall such as husband/wife retreats. It might seem at the moment that you will never forget, but 25 years later, memories aren’t quite what they used to be!

You might want to keep track of visits to grandparents or their visits to your home. Perhaps it is a listing of where and when you vacationed. You will likely have a photo record, but how easy is it over the course of a 50-year marriage to remember what year you vacationed and where you went based on combing back through photos?

I have even begun to keep a list of birthday and Christmas gifts I receive each year and who each was from. I use that list to mark when I write a thank you note for the gift, in addition to the ongoing record it provides for the future. I have been known, without keeping track, not to remember whether I wrote a thank you note for a specific gift or not.

I am sure you can come up with areas in your life that you would like to have a record concerning. Even if you didn’t start right at the beginning, now is better than never. Even though I don’t have the record of our first 17 years of Steve and my outings, I am very grateful for the 23 years that I do have. Had I not started then, I wouldn’t have what I have.

Some prefer pretty journals and pens over the computer for memory tracking. Amazon has some beautiful ones. The Amazon link is an affiliate one. Read our disclosure/privacy policy here.

Trusting in Jesus,


This is how I feel when Steve plans our special get aways:
“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ
also loved the church, and gave himself for it”
(Ephesians 5:25).

10 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Memories Is Important”

  1. So neat! I just recently told my husband on the way home from a one night get a-way that I really ought to start recording our get a-ways and trips with the kids. I came home and did the next day (so I wouldn’t forget anything :))I too wish I would have started from the beginning. We’ve been married 22 blessed years and I agree that even though I didn’t record everything before, why not start now.

  2. I love this idea. I’m big on scrapbooking AND journaling so we don’t forget what the pictures are about. My husband regularly sends me cards. Recently I was wishing I had written the date on the back of each one and the life circumstances around each card. Most times he just sends them to let me know he was thinking about me while he was out, but sometimes he has sent them because of something I was going through.

  3. So true! I used to keep track of just about everything on my calendars :), but have slacked off. I’ve wanted to get back to it, as it’s so fun looking back, not only for me, but also for my family. Thank you for this great reminder!

  4. I have a special calendar I keep with my Bible and journal. There I write down what happened the day before each morning.

  5. I love to read about other couples still making time for each other this way. My husband says he would like for us to do the same once fall comes. Will your family be doing family vacation in Colorado this year? Love the stories and pics everyone shares and to see what Miss Anna cooks up.
    We only made the decision to go about a week ago. Then it was a surprise for Teri’s birthday.

  6. I’m to be 60 this October 3rd!
    I remember saving those large calendars and jotting many a stick picture with a little caption to remember special moments through our marriage and 11 children. Thank you for the reminder Teri! Life is still precious with our 28 y.o. middle child at home in a semi coma with me as a caregiving mom since ’07. And all the multitudes of blessings to remember, like her ability to laugh out loud this year; Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow!

    Happy early birthday. Bless your heart, Leslie, for taking care of your daughter all these years.

  7. My mom ingrained in me her complete obsession with making sure EVERY picture has names and a date. She told me that as people grow up, you look back and wonder who is who. My oldest child will be 12 next month. I have several photo albums – every single picture written on with names, place, and date – in chronological order from the day I went into labor with her up until anything I recently took a picture of. People are amazed when they look through them. Lol But I’m glad my mom made me obsessive about it like that. 🙂 Now I just always hope there is not a fire or anything to destroy them!

  8. I’ve kept a journal since my husband and I started courting. I’ve continued it as we near our first anniversary. This is a great reminder to keep going, that the benefits outweigh the feelings. Sometimes when I am in bed and just want to go to sleep and not get up and write down the things we did.

  9. Journaling is so therapeutic! While I was reading the other comments I got this song in my head by Steve Bell; he’s a Canadian artist.
    Here by the water
    I’ll build an altar to praise Him
    Out of the stones that I’ve found here
    I’ll set them down here
    Rough as they are
    Knowing You can make them holy
    Knowing You can make them holy
    Knowing You can make them holy

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