Look Who Has Baby Chicks!

Turkey Mama does! Yes. You read that correctly. Her name is Turkey Mama because she flails out her back feathers, so Abby named her Turkey Mama. She’s a black Australorp.

Turkey Mama sat on her eggs diligently (after all, being a mom requires a lot of work!), and a little over a week ago, her first chick hatched.  After that, each day, more hatched, until her total number came to 5. Turkey Mama takes great care of her chicks, and they love to hide under her wings.

No wonder the Psalmist describes the Lord’s protection of us like a mama hen. Just like the chick chooses to go under its mom’s wings (and loves it!), we too must choose to delight ourselves in the Lord, to trust Him, and to hide under His protection.

PS – Turkey Mama is one of Abby’s chickens.



We had a little “catch the chicken” operation going on here. The goal was to corner some and then take them over to Gigi’s yard in the wagon to eat cicadas. Do you have the 17-year cicadas in your area? A forth-coming post on that.

“He shall cover thee with his feathers,
and under his wings shalt thou trust:
his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Psalm 91:4

8 thoughts on “Look Who Has Baby Chicks!”

  1. Oh!! Congratulations to Chickie Mama!!!!! One of our hens had 5 (3 boys 2 girls) chicks too! It was such a fun/sweet process! I LOVED it! 😀

  2. Congrats! 🙂 I grew up on a farm and spring chicks were always so cute and fun to have around! Chickens are great for pest control, too. Hope they’re eating lots of bugs for you all!

  3. How fun!
    We had the 17-year cicadas last year. Boy they are a noisy bunch! Good eatin for the birds (and chickens), though. 🙂
    Hope the chickens enjoy their feast!

  4. So cute!! I remember my days as a child on the farm playing with the baby chickens so I can relate to the little girls excitement. Pic #5 looks like Ethel. Quick story, my Moms next door neighbor had a hen named Fred. Each day Fred would fly the fence and lay her egg on my Moms patio chair. The neighbors moved and there was no more Fred SO for Mothers Day this year we gave her Ethel. She was thrilled!!

    Thanks for sharing your family fun with us.
    Cute story. Very funny.

  5. So cute! I live in a town where farm animals aren’t allowed, but I get my fill at my sister’s house. So sweet seeing Abby and Bethany with the chickens.

  6. Looks like Abby does a great job with her chickens! We have chickens too. 🙂



  7. Turkey Mama’s chicks are so cute! Several of Abby’s chickens look like some of ours 😉 I’m sure they’ll enjoy the cicada feast! We love how our hens take care of the ticks around here! 🙂

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