Memorial Day at the Maxwells

I’m grateful for chances to spend time together as a family and extended family. Most of all, I’m grateful for the Lord Jesus and His salvation. I can’t imagine life without Him.

Memorial Day everyone was busy with projects, but we gathered together for dinner and Bible time in the evening.



Cute baby face!
Cute baby face!
We had a nest in the rafters under our porch, and I showed Tina one day how you could peek through the crack at the nest from the deck. She loved taking people there and showing them the baby birds.
For an end-of-school reward, Bethany got her own Bible! She was so excited.


“Let the words of my mouth,
and the meditation of my heart,
be acceptable in thy sight,
O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.”
Psalm 19:14

7 thoughts on “Memorial Day at the Maxwells”

  1. Loved all the photos, but especially the photo with ALL those high chairs! God is so good!

  2. Love Bethany’s dress! All the grand-kids are getting so big, and Lydia is a real cutie 🙂
    We have a nest of Eastern Phoebes under our porch. They come every year and we love seeing the babies! 🙂

  3. Drew! LOL. What a cute little guy!!!!! Love seeing all the photos of the kids, especially Lydia. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We give our kids their own Bible once they have learned to read too. They get so excited about it! My two eldest (11 & 9) love to pour over their King James Bibles and make notes and underline passages of scripture. And each month I came up with a challenge for them. (such as: memorize the days of creation, memorize the Ten Commandments etc) they love it! Great pictures.

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