Planting Trees

Recently, Jesse headed an endeavor to plant two trees. One replaced a tree deer had damaged, and another took the place of a tree we had to take down due to root damage from when we built the house.

I’m grateful for things that beautify our world. Think about what life would be like without color. It would be pretty drab, wouldn’t it? My Creator amazes me. Each spring, new growth appears, and each autumn, it fades. We don’t have to tell the tree to make leaves: it just does. May this simple yet complex fact inspire praise in our hearts to our Creator.



A selfie with a DSLR.
A selfie with a DSLR.


The root ball was extremely heavy.

DSC_2259“As the valleys are they spread forth,
as gardens by the river’s side,
as the trees of lign aloes which the LORD hath planted,
and as cedar trees beside the waters.”
Numbers 24:4

3 thoughts on “Planting Trees”

  1. I love trees, and am always amazed at their beauty in the changing seasons. The Lord planned everything perfectly for us here on earth, and I strive to give thanks daily to Him! 🙂
    So glad you all planted more trees – – I’m sure it was a big job, but as the trees grow I feel certain you’ll be glad you planted them!
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  2. Yes, there are SO many things that really cheer up the world!!

    Thanks, Abby, for your sweet comments.

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