Teri Maxwell’s (Mom’s) Retirement Celebration Day

Mom invested so much in our education, and we wanted to show her a small token of our appreciation. How? Anna and Mary had the idea for a zoo day, knowing Mom’s love for family time and seeing the little ones’ enjoyment of the animals. The girls planned extensively, around all sorts of obstacles. You probably don’t know how complicated it is to get about twenty people’s schedules to work out. But the day was agreed upon and set in stone, March 31st. That Tuesday proved beautiful, and around 7:30 am, the Maxwells headed north to the Omaha zoo.

Mom has very special memories of going to the zoo when Joseph, John, Anna, Jesse, and Mary were little. Now she experienced the grandchildren’s enjoyment, and it was wonderful time together as a family.

Scroll down to journey with us through pictures of the day. If you are in the Omaha, Nebraska area, the Henry Doorly Zoo is great. It’s worth the money!



Drew with a Snugars’ hat he was gifted with!DSC_1283DSC_1308

Christopher’s family, except Anna Marie and Lydia, came too. GiGi kept them company.DSC_1318DSC_1338DSC_1350DSC_1366DSC_1385DSC_1412

One of Joshua’s highlights was the goats.DSC_1437DSC_1440

I enjoy capturing selfie photos.DSC_1448DSC_1470DSC_1473

There’s more ways than one to eat a sandwich.DSC_1499DSC_1517DSC_1528

A tired little guy.DSC_1541DSC_1552DSC_1557DSC_1572

The cute threesome!DSC_1580DSC_1589

Taking a break at the aquarium. DSC_1616DSC_1624


Me with my camera bag.DSC_1638DSC_1649

John and Drew in the desert. DSC_1666DSC_1671

“Porky” the porcupine takes a ride.


Jesse talking with a zoo employee who was holding a tarantula.


Another selfie: this one at dinner. Some of us went out for pizza afterward.
DSC_1699The happy retired couple ;).

“And ye shall teach them your children, speaking
of them when thou sittest in thine house, and
when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down,
and when thou risest up.”
Deuteronomy 11:19

20 thoughts on “Teri Maxwell’s (Mom’s) Retirement Celebration Day”

  1. Congrats on retirement! Looks like a fun outing. We went to the zoo last week here in Dallas. We have also been to the Omaha zoo! We LOVE zoo’s! The children are so cute and it’s a delight to watch them get so excited over seeing the animals. Our little one will be 11 next April and can’t wait to get to volunteer at the zoo. If you are ever in the area of St. Louis be sure to check out their zoo. It is fabulous and FREE because it is sponsored by the Cardinals. What an incredible job you all obviously did raising and educating your children. Just wondering, are you fully retired or will you be doing some more writing in the future?
    Retired only from homeschooling. Hopefully, never retire from serving the Lord 🙂

  2. Looks like a good time and great weather. Always enjoy the lovely pictures and updates, so thank you for sharing!

  3. I enjoyed these day-at-the-zoo photos. When I was a kid, I was like Joshua– the goats were my favorites, too. They still are!

    Congratulations on your homeschool retirement, Teri.

  4. Congratulations again, Teri!

    I love the zoo! It’s always so awe-inspring to see all the animals that God created!

  5. Your “retirement” celebration was perfect! Such fun, happy pictures! The children’s delight and enthusiasm is sweet to see. I’m sure your mom had a marvelous time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing these pictures. I enjoyed them very much.
    I like your and your sister’s outfits.
    It’s very sweet showing your gratitude towards your mom.
    Blessings from Ecuador!

  7. What a sweet family day celebration! Thank you for sharing it with us. You finished that season well Teri! Thank you for being such an encouragement to others. Your openness with all of your experiences, good and bad, during your home school years has taught our family much and ministered greatly to us. Thank you – we are very grateful and you are truly appreciated Teri.
    From our hearts,
    The T Family

  8. Our family goes to the Omaha zoo once a year with my Mom and stepdad, who happen to live in Omaha. It was fun to see pictures of your family in the exact places we have been many times. My personal favorite is the aquarium.

  9. Congratulations Mrs. Maxwell!!:D
    Thank you for the pictures, Sarah! I always enjoy seeing new posts on your blog!! 🙂

  10. What a sweet gift for your mom. This spring the first of my eight children graduates so I still have a while to go before I can “retire”. What a nice way to celebrate – with the children she taught.

  11. Congratulations! God bless you in this new season of your life! Through the years (I suppose almost 10 years now) your family has been an inspiration to me. The time you have taken to answer my direct queries has been tremendously appreciated. It is so interesting, we have never spoken on the phone and I’ve never had the priviledge to attend one of your seminars, but through your books and materials (i.e. the ChorePacks) I feel as though you have truly been a part of my family. I cannot begin to imagine the sacrifices you have had to make to be a living testimony of God’s goodness and provision, but I thank you! (And of course, I thank God for you.) I hope you have delight in the years to come!
    Thank you Mrs. B! I am so glad that the Lord has allowed our lives to intertwine in this way and that He has been able to use our family to encourage yours. Maybe we will be able to see each other and talk face to face someday, but if not, we are sisters in spirit.

    Teri Maxwell

  12. Looks like tons of fun! It’s great you all were able to do that. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell! Loved the pictures (as always 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing!

  13. We graduate our first homeschool graduate this week!! He has felt the Lord calling him to be a pastor for sometime. The Lord opened a door for him to begin his college work at 15 at a Christian university right by our home. The Lord has allowed him to excel there. He said one day, “You know, Mom, what is helping me do so well is the schedule that you taught us to keep.” MOTH. Thank you Teri for obeying God. “So let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to God.”
    It is exciting to see the fruit in our children’s lives of what the Lord was leading us to do and to teach them. Even something as simple as the discipline of using a schedule is beneficial. Thank you for sharing, and I am delighted we could be a part of your son’s success in life.

    Teri Maxwell

  14. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and for sharing your special day with us. Congratulations, Teri, on a job well done! What a blessing when your children rise up and call you blessed. You are a blessing to others as well.

  15. Congratulations Teri!!
    What a wonderful job you’ve done teaching your precious children for so many years. As you taught them, you’ve also been ministering to so many others—especially Moms.
    You are such a blessing to so many (myself included).
    May the Lord guide and direct your path throughout your “retirement” years (I put that in quotes because you’ll never retire from serving the Lord or others!). 🙂

  16. Congratulations on homeschool retirement! Wow! 30 years!

    When I have difficult days, I find encouragement in your books and what your family has become in the Lord. Thank you for your dedication.

    May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him.

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