Mary’s Gift to Mom

I’ll be sharing about Mary’s graduation party soon, but for now, I’ll show you what she gifted Mom with that evening. Mary’s artistic skills have blossomed, and she surprised Mom with this beautiful, charcoal sketch. Mom was thrilled!


“Her children arise up, and call her blessed…”
Proverbs 31:28

14 thoughts on “Mary’s Gift to Mom”

  1. That is absolutely incredible Mary. You are very very skilled. Drawing faces is incredibly difficult and this is just perfect I’m sure your Mom was overly joyed with her gift. What a talent God has bestowed upon you!!

  2. Amazing, Mary! You did an INCREDIBLE job!!!
    Continue to honor God with your awesome talent! 🙂

  3. Wow, that almost looks photographic. You have a real talent. Will be exciting to see how God will use it.
    Nancy M.

  4. Beautiful and amazing, Mary!!!!! You did such an awesome job – lots of talent there, for sure!!! I love your smile; you look so joyful and radiant!!

  5. Aww! That is so incredibly special! I know I would be thrilled to receive something so touching and lovely!

  6. What a gift of appreciation and love for your mother! Beautiful artwork too!

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