ITonRamp’s HTML-Step One in Website Design and QuickBooks

joseph-elissa-4HTML-Step One in Website Design is starting next week, March 9th. Websites are here to stay, and whether you’d like to learn HTML for a business or a personal website, this is your starting point. Perhaps you dream of creating a site, but you don’t feel you are capable. You are.

It’s simply a matter of learning, and to do that you start with basic steps such as you will find in Joseph’s class.

Don’t delay in signing up, because we may hit our class size and need to close registrations early. Joseph’s follow up CSS-Step Two in Website Design Course starts April 13th.

Victoria, a past student, shared:

I joined the HTML class hardly knowing anything about building websites. I didn’t even know what HTML was. Step by step I learned not only what HTML was but how to use it. When the course was finished, I joined the CSS course as well. After completion I was able to make a website on my own. The material was easy to understand, and the webinars were the highlight of my week!

I’ll add that I’ve seen two websites Victoria created with her skills, and she did a wonderful job!

Christopher’s QuickBooks course begins March 16th. I believe learning a financial software is a valuable skill to have for any young person or parent. My first taste of QuickBooks was over 15 years ago when a local dentist needed us to input his checkbook ledger into QuickBooks. It was great experience for me, and then when Titus2 launched, I continued learning QuickBooks.

It's possible learning QuickBooks could help you work from home.
It’s possible learning QuickBooks could help you work from home.

Whether you have a business or desire to do freelance consulting, QuickBooks’ knowledge is important.

If you are looking at an ITonRamp course and aren’t sure if it would be beneficial for your situation, or you just have a question in general, we welcome your call. If we’re taking another call, please leave a message, and we’ll be sure to call you right back.

Recently, I spoke with a homeschool mom who wanted to discuss the QuickBooks course. Their family has two businesses, and they don’t use QuickBooks, but rather some form of a ledger. She was amazed to find out how simple yearly taxes can be with QuickBooks. That’s one small advantage of using QuickBooks. There are many more. If you have QuickBooks, go to this course link. If you need the software, use this course link.

Hannah, a past student, shared:

The QuickBooks course was super helpful! You learn so much when you have an instructor who can help you understand concepts and find errors, as opposed to leafing through a manual on your own. Having a scheduled class structure helps you get through the basics much quicker than if you were to teach yourself at your own pace and when you get the time. The practice company was wonderful for putting to use what you’re learning right away, before you forget it all. And I appreciated the atmosphere as well — notably lacking the worldly influences. All in all, it was a very enjoyable and practical class.

We at the Maxwell house believe in learning, and a broad skill set is important. I want to be prepared for however the Lord wants to use me, both now and in the future.


“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful
also in much: and he that is unjust in the least
is unjust also in much.”
Luke 16:10

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