Anna Marie’s Baby Update

It’s been awhile since we’ve done an official baby update. Anna Marie is due soon. Her pregnancy had an interesting twist this time, as her varicose veins became quite severe. Believe me, she tried tons of things to help, and while they all probably did help, her left ankle was quite painful at times and had to be regularly elevated. Thankfully, starting a few weeks ago, the pain has been significantly better. For those who know Anna Marie, she does not complain–she just doesn’t. She had such a sweet spirit despite the pain. Now that the veins have improved, she’s feeling quite good. The baby is extremely active and seems to be right on track growth wise. As it stands now, we anticipate the baby arriving in the first two weeks of March, but you know, babies do come on their own time, so we shall see!

Christopher and Anna Marie are grateful for your prayers as they prepare to welcome another child into this world. They decided not to find out the gender, so we’ll all be surprised. It’s funny; I’ve given up guessing on what someone will have. After all, it’s going to be a 50/50 chance.




“Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house:
thy children like olive plants round about thy table.”
Psalm 128:3

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  1. Please give them my best. My sister had the same vein problem each time she was pregnant. I am keeping Annamarie in my prayers and am praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!

    Love to all.


    Thanks, Catherine.

  2. My medical practitioner wrote me a prescription for maternity compression stockings and the brand was Juzzo. I had to go to a local store to get them so that they could take 3 measurements before placing the order. They were pricy- at about $120.00, however, they helped quite a bit. The days I wore them went much better verses the days I went without. My left ankle and foot were swollen and I had varicose veins. I was concerned being a young Mommy. Maybe they are an option for Anna Marie.
    She looks wonderful! God Bless.

    Thank you!

  3. I will be praying for Anna Marie and baby as her due date gets closer. My third pregnancy was the one that caused my varicose veins, too. Varicose veins are so painful. As a healthcare provider, I used medical grade Jobst compression maternity full stockings that I placed on even before I stood up in the morning (yes, put them on lying down in bed) and wore them ALL THE TIME until going to bed at night (yes, took them off lying in bed). I LOVED them and it helped significantly. I had two pair since they were expensive and would wash one for the next day while wearing the other. Please check with your doctor/midwife before proceeding (and you may need to be sized to ensure safety) but I am sure that if the Lord allows there will be more pregnancies and you need not suffer. I am someone who just kind of “considers it all joy” in regards to pregnancy but these were so helpful, relieved the pain dramatically and after awhile just felt made me feel secure, wrapped up tight and relieved the pain. Blessings. Karen

    Thank you for the helpful info!

  4. Anna always seems to have an amazing glow about her, whether pregnant or not. It’s lovely to see. And how is it possible that she appears to be growing younger? She is always beautiful but for some reason it seems like time moves backwards when it comes to her. Prayers for baby, mamma, and the rest of the family.


  5. I’ve had problems in pregnancy with varicose veins so my heart goes out to Anna Marie. I will be keeping her in my prayers. I’m glad they’ve improved.

  6. I just found out im pregnant with my 9th! What a wonderful gift from God. 🙂

    Anna Marie looks lovely with her hair down. All the best for the birth. And for baby too.


  7. Thank you for the baby update! Anna Marie is absolutely beautiful pregnant lady! I pray that all may go well in the last part of her pregnancy and the arrival of the new baby.

  8. Glad to hear the veins have improved and that she’s feeling better. Much love and prayers for a healthy delivery and you.

  9. Thank you for the update, Sarah! Anna Marie looks radiant. We are excited to see if it’s going to be a boy or a girl. Praying for Anna Marie and the baby Maxwell!

  10. What a beautiful pictures! Anna Marie you are glowing! May your delivery be safe, quick and as pain free as possible. Blessings

  11. Wonderful photos! Did Christopher take them? She looks beautiful.

    Actually, he and and Mary took most–I (Sarah) took the last.

  12. Anna Marie looks so beautiful! With just two weeks to go she only looks pregnant in her little tummy. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the new baby!

  13. Anna Marie is radiant. Pray that her legs continue to improve. I have not had such trouble as to cause pain, but did have a vein below my knee that was bulging. I found that dry body brushing helped move fluids upward and take the pressure off that vein. Now, when it swells, I know I have been sitting more than moving.

  14. I will definitely be praying for Anna Marie. I wanted to say that although I didn’t ever experience the varicose veins myself, a very dear friend of mine did. As Karen commented, she used the compression stockings with great success. She would put them on even before rising and wear them throughout the day. She is a busy momma of seven and I know that she would have suffered needlessly without them.
    I hope that Anna Marie can find some relief as well.
    I also have to agree with some of the other commenters that she always has a peaceful glow about her and has such a youthful radiance.
    Then again, all of the Maxwell women are lovely! 🙂

  15. Anna Marie was born to be a mother, she radiates joy & contentment.
    If she hasn’t already tried compression stockings have helped me.
    Sarah, I am the same with guessing. Baby will be what baby will be!

  16. Prayers for Anna Marie for a quick and easy delivery and when the time comes. She is such a natural beauty and it looks like pregnancy sure does agree with her! Can’t wait to see the newest addition!

  17. I totally agree with the others on getting compression stockings if she doesn’t have any. Unfortunately, it’s known that varicose veins get worse with each pregnancy. At least they did with me. I would also encourage her to wear them for a while after having the baby to help prevent blood clots. I had one after my fourth child. Wasn’t anything serious, it was just in a superficial vein. But when you hear blood clot, it’s pretty scary! I felt a small knot on the inside of my knee area. They do make thigh-high ones that will be easier to deal with after having a baby. I do recommend full coverage stockings during pregnancy so blood flow isn’t restricted. Don’t want to sound bossy but I know how bad they can be!!! They are SO worth the investment. Even if she only uses them for a few more weeks. I was told to replace them every 6 months, but even if you don’t, it will be ok. They might lose some of their “strength” but they can buy you some time until you can purchase another pair. Praying everything goes well!! So happy for you!!

    P.S. If she has never used them, they can be very hard to put on until you get used to them! Again, I don’t want to come across overbearing. Just hate for anyone to deal with them because I know how painful they are! God bless you!!

    Thank you. She did use them.

  18. What a beauty Anna Marie is. Is she a very young Mommy? It’s wonderful to hear that things are going well, even if there has been some discomfort. I will be praying for them both.

    No–she just looks young ;).

  19. Pregnancy definitely suits her, she’s glowing. Praying for safe delivery. ~Joshua 1:9
    Thank you for the pictures and post.

  20. Praying for sweet Anna and her wonderful family. So glad that she is feeling better and can enjoy these last few weeks/days of her term and hopefully get a little refreshing rest.

  21. Anna Marie radiates joy! 🙂
    Continued prayers for the remainder of her pregnancy, and for a safe delivery of a healthy Baby Maxwell.
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂

  22. What a wonderful spirit! I struggled with varicose veins in my last three pregnancies. The last one was very painful…but what good does it do to complain? lol….And despite knowing that I will likely struggle with them again, we still have been praying that the Lord will bless us with another little one in the future. Our last pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I would gladly accept the pain for the miracle of caring another baby to term. The struggles are worth the blessing! Something I’m sure Anna Marie (and all mothers) fully emphasize with! Enjoying the blog posts!

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