Prayer Rounds

Recently, Nathan and Abby went on a quick, unexpected trip together to a funeral which left the rest of the crew at home. I knew that Bethany and Christina would be missing their roommate, Abby, so I offered to sleep in their room in Abby’s bed. Of course, they both were very excited.

Four-year-old Bethany quickly filled me in on all the scoop of how the bedroom runs. She showed me how to climb up into Abby’s upper bunk, told me what time they went to bed, and what time they could wake up. She demonstrated how Abby’s bed light worked. Then she informed me that she and Abby wake up earlier than Tina and use their bunk lights so they can have their quiet time reading the Bible. She also told me about prayer rounds. It was so sweet, because one of them came up with the idea of having a prayer time before they go to bed.

Sure enough, we had just crawled into our beds and settled when it was time for prayer rounds. Bethany told me that they pray for a specific person’s family each night, and they each take turns praying. Tonight the prayers would be for Uncle Christopher and Aunt Anna Marie’s family, who were recovering from a stomach bug.

Betsy and Tina’s prayers were so sweet. I wish you could hear the recording of their little voices.

Betsy started, “Lord God, I pray for Joshie, that the flu would be all gone from him, and that he would just get all better.”

Two-year-old Tina was next. “Dear God, I pray that the baby would be healthy and strong, Amen!”

Then B continued, “Lord God, I pray in the family that is Uncle Christopher’s, that they would be just healthy and strong, and the baby would be healthy and strong, and that Joshua would get better in the night, and that he would never get sick… and please just help their family go to Uncle John’s birthday party *(side cute note: we had celebrated John’s birthday late and the party already happened)* and all the birthday parties and that he would never get sick again.”

Tina prayed even more, “Help their baby to be healthy and strong, and help nobody to get sick, Amen.”

I prayed between them, and we kept going until it was time to go to sleep. I am looking forward to sometime joining them when Abby is there. I love their hearts for praying. They have such tender spirits and are often quick to ask to stop and pray for someone when they hear of a need!

Serving Jesus,

Christina and I
Abby is an amazing big sister.

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation;
continuing instant in prayer.” Romans 12:12

20 thoughts on “Prayer Rounds”

  1. Oh goodness, such sweet girls! That must have been nice for Melanie, too, to have Anna there to keep the girls busy with that kind of fun. Hopefully the prayers helped and Christopher’s family is on the mend.

    Thanks. Yes, Melanie is blessed by the help. Christopher’s family is all healthy now, praise the Lord.

  2. So sweet of them. I think being a good parent is all about raising children who will follow your example in obeying and worshipping the Lord.

  3. So incredibly sweet! Treasure each of these moments because they grow up so fast. I just had the pleasure of seeing my 17 year old attain his Eagle Scout rank, and all I could remember what that little boy I prayed with and over years ago.

    Any word of baby yet? Praying for a healthy delivery for Anna and Baby Maxwell.

    In Christ,


    Baby will probably come sometime in mid-March, so a few weeks yet!

  4. What a great idea Anna. The girls must have been very excited. I must say that for a 4 and 2 year old they are very thoughtful. Thank you for sharing, God bless you all.

    Thanks. They are adorable!

  5. How cute!! I’m sure that was a very special time;) I love hearing what our little ones pray during devotions!!

  6. Love the idea of prayer rounds. Will use it in the future with my children. Thank you for sharing Anna!

  7. That is SO sweet! Makes me miss those days as a camp counselor when me and my co-counselor went around and prayed with each camper at their bunk beds.
    Was this a family member of Melanie who died?

    The funeral was not for anyone Nathan or Melanie are related to.

  8. It’s an encouragement to hear about little children who are already learning to seek the Lord and go to Him with their cares. Their parents have done a wonderful job of teaching them to order their time and to take everything to God.

  9. Aww, how sweet! I’m sure the girls LOVED having Auntie spend the night with them! 🙂 What precious prayers! Thanks for sharing, Anna!


  10. I just love this post. I’ve been teaching my little to pray although she’s a little older. The parents are amazing but how could they be anything else with the raising they had themselves. Anna, that was so sweet of you to spend the night with the girls. They will certainly remember that as they grow up. God bless you all. We are praying for Melanie and Christopher to have a safe and healthy delivery.

  11. Thank you for sharing this. Such a special, precious time of prayer, and how wonderful these young children have a heart to pray for others.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

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