Mommy, Mommy.

January 22nd. A sad day in history.

Imagine for a moment: a beautifully-formed baby, his heart beating strong, “safely” snuggled inside his mother’s womb, listening to her voice, but little does he know where she’s headed. Her mother-heart telling her no, yet others telling her yes, she goes against everything she knows is right and enters the doors of an abortion clinic. She’s about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Mommy, Mommy. Please don’t let them — her baby would plead with her if he could.

Mommy, Mommy. I LOVE you. I want you to hold me, to rock me, to be my mommy — her baby would plead with her if he could.

A mother’s womb should be the safest place on earth, but it’s not anymore. This little one, if he could say something, he’d plead for his life. He can’t. But you can.

“Open thy mouth for the dumb
in the cause of all such as are
appointed to destruction.”
Proverbs 31:8

Please remember the unborn and unwanted. Even though unwanted, they are still precious. They don’t have a voice, but you can be their voice.

The next time you see a sunrise, think of all the little ones who will never be given that opportunity.
The next time you see a sunrise, think of all the little ones who will never be given that opportunity.

“… and plead the cause of the poor and needy.”
Proverbs 31:9

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  1. Amen to that! Thanks for this post and I love those two supporting bible verses. Praying for the mothers and babies always!! The C Family

  2. Thank you for not shying away from this subject. Because I did not meet my husband-to-be until my late 30’s, I’ve only been able to have two children. For years, I have longed for another little one, but nature has taken it’s course. I would gladly have adopted any of those precious little ones that have been discarded by their mothers. I don’t understand how can anyone call the destruction of a precious baby a mother’s choice. God, forgive us.

    Amen. May our hearts be tender.

  3. Today is a celebration in our family. Our middle son was born nine years ago today. To paraphrase the tweet a pastor friend of mine (who also has a child celebrating a birthday today) posted this morning, “42 years ago today, Roe v. Wade was passed. 9 years ago today, my sweet son Camden was born. I win.”

    May we pray for and celebrate all babies, born and unborn, today and every day. May we pray for all of the parents, legislators, and voters, that they may choose life.

  4. Often people ask those who are against abortion if they would be personally willing to adopt a child from someone who cannot feasibly raise that child. It seems like in a kinder world it would not be such a crisis to have a baby; even if a young women can’t mother that baby it would be nice if that baby could still be welcome somewhere.
    We know a man who pleads outside of an abortion clinic and tells those going in, he and his wife will adopt their child. No takers yet.

  5. Praying for mothers to help them see that the child they carry is made in God’s image,as well as theirs,made for eternal life.

  6. Very well said. It’s heartbreaking to see what people are doing to their unborn babies. Praying to end abortions.(Deuteronomy 30:19)

  7. We have adopted five children and we thank their birth parents for giving them life! These children might seem as “unwanted” by their birth parents but they are wanted by many….by us, by their siblings, by their grandparents and most importantly, by our heavenly Father!

  8. This is absolutely heart breaking. It is just awful that a woman can get to a position in life where she feels like she has no other choice than abortion. It must be about the same feeling as being suicidal and feeling that there is no other solution.

  9. Blessings to you & to your family!
    I love posts like this! We are the very proud parents to 9 blessings! 6 of which we are very proud to be adoptive parents to! We are so proud to be given the opportunity to be given the chance to be their parents! Thank you Lord for these babies! 2 of which the birth moms did think of abortion! But did not!
    You all have a blessed week!
    The K family

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