Christmas Times

I wanted to share some pictures from our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We love to be together, and the little ones add a special sparkle to that time.

One highlight on Christmas was going to visit friends at the assisted living home where we go to church. When I walked into one of my friend’s apartments, she sat quietly on her couch, alone. Christmas decorations adorned her room, and a lone present sat waiting to be opened. I smiled cheerfully and told her Merry Christmas, taking a seat next to her.

As we talked, my heart ached with sympathy. It appeared that almost all she had left were memories of by-gone years. She thanked me for coming. After a bit, we joined the rest in the main area to sing Christmas carols.

Maybe you could take some time this next week to do something special with someone you love.

Happy New Year!



Here we go again. You see Tina’s adorable personality.DSC_7529DSC_7547

Anna and Mary made nightgowns for the little girls.DSC_7555DSC_7578



A new exercise shirt for me (Tina helped open it ;)).


A wedding picture to add to our wall for the married couples.DSC_7704DSC_7719

Joseph designed this banner for Dad. We have room in our entryway to hang it, and when we moved into the house, Joseph gifted Dad with a banner to hang there. It is a beautiful way to proclaim Jesus. Dad loves the new banner!


A precious gift from a niece.DSC_7757DSC_7831

Joseph and Elissa had to close their eyes while a present was brought in.

John and Anna gifted them with a new-to-them grill! Buying used is a blessing.

Little Drew is so adorable.DSC_7880


We did our traditional Christmas program that night.DSC_7922DSC_7931DSC_7936DSC_7940DSC_7949DSC_7953DSC_7957DSC_7959DSC_7968DSC_7972DSC_8000

The three new members added to the family in 2014!DSC_8030

Christmas morning, we did a workout, the “12 days of Christmas”.


Christmas morning, the guys made breakfast for us–a tradition.


John’s biscuits were quite amazing!

IMG_5360IMG_5521On our visit to our friends Christmas day, we sang carols, and they also sang their Merry Christmas rendition, much to everyone’s joy!


Anna is awesome with cooking. She was gifted with a meat smoker (used). We can’t wait to be the happy recipients of her first meal with it!


I made “to/from” tags again with pictures this year.DSC_8183DSC_8311

Baking together in the kitchen.DSC_8336

I was gifted with a wireless remote for my camera. It is so wonderful ;). Now I can get group pictures much easier and without having to push the timer and rush to sit down.

DSC_8344Activity before a meal!

DSC_8351Some of the cleanup crew!

“…and my people shall be satisfied with
my goodness, saith the LORD.”
Jeremiah 31:14

14 thoughts on “Christmas Times”

  1. What a lovely post, Sarah – I was smiling from start to finish! I can think of no better way to celebrate the birth of our Saviour than to spend it in worship surrounded by loving family.
    May the love of the Lord shine brightly on you all this year.
    From my little family to your much larger one 😉

    Thanks, Johnna! You are a blessing. Large or small–families are a joy!

  2. Love the photos! We do an annual family photo on Christmas and I love seeing how our family is growing.

    This year there was my 3 sisters, 2 brothers their husbands and wives, myself and my husband, my parents, and 10 grandkids. It was truly a special day!

    That’s awesome!

  3. What special pictures. Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of your Christmas celebration. Your family’s joy in Jesus shines through in your pictures.

  4. I love the pics! Thanks for sharing! The littlest Maxwell’s are as cute as ever. I have been admiring the scarves Elissa has been wearing. Very colorful and stylish! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your holiday! Merry Christmas!

    You’re welcome! Yes, the littles are so adorable–agreed ;). Elissa’s scarves are cute too!

  5. With your growing family and holiday celebrations, it’s a good thing you are expert planners! Holidays must be so much fun with all your family members around. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
    Thank you. Yes, we do plan for things, and that really helps ;).

  6. Looks like you had a great Christmas.Thank you for all the pictures!Nice seeing everyone happy and joyful.Late Merry Christmas and have a very blessed and happy 2015!

  7. Thank you so much for the pics. Love seeing other families celebrate together. My fav pic has to be the little girls with their gowns. When I was small I got a new long pink gown for Christmas each year. The only gown I would have all year long and I loved it. Your pic brought back some sweet memories for me. I don’t go to many assisted living or nursing homes but I do contribute handmade cards to a group who gathers and distributes to people in homes all over the US who have no family and would otherwise not receive so much as even a card. We have children and family spread out so it takes us a while to get Christmas done. Dec 6th was our first gathering and Jan 4th was our last including 1 trip out of state. Made lots of memories. Until next year, time to start making memories in other ways. Thank you for being so kind as to go to all the trouble to let the rest of us in on your happenings

    Johnna–I loved your story! What sweet memories. You celebrations lasted quite awhile–how neat. I love sharing through photos, so it’s a joy ;).

  8. I loved this post, especially reading the part where the men cooked breakfast! It’s good to see such Godly parents raising their children to not only learn how to fix cars but cook as well. I’m sure your sister-in-laws feel appreciated whenever your brothers surprise them by cooking breakfast or helping out in the kitchen.

    By the way, those biscuits look amazing! Would love to know how he got them to get so flaky like that!

  9. The wireless remote for your camera was such a good gift idea! I also like the photo “to/from” tags – creative touch!

  10. Thank you for sharing these very special family photos.
    I realized I was smiling as I viewed them.
    The photo of the 3 newest Maxwells (Elissa holding the 2 babies) is adorable!!
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  11. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. Is there any chance you could upload audio on your blog. I have enjoyed reading it for a couple of years now and always wish that I could hear you all sing whenever I see pictures of you with your instruments.
    We’ve discussed audio and short video clips but know that affects the bandwidth so we haven’t so far.

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