Round Two: Walk Through Bethlehem

Saturday night went very well. We had the blessing of the little girls joining the rest on stage for a song. They definitely were cute, but the best part, to me, was hearing them share a number of verses they’d memorized from Isaiah. I think young children have a gift of a great memory, and I loved watching them say it.

Tomorrow, they’ll be playing at a retirement home and a nursing home. Then, the big day (the Christmas concert) will be here. We’re excited to see what the Lord has in store!

We caroled Sunday night, so watch for an update with pictures later.


“Let us come before his presence
with thanksgiving, and make a joyful
noise unto him with psalms.”
Psalms 95:2

6 thoughts on “Round Two: Walk Through Bethlehem”

  1. This is the first time that I’ve noticed the double bass in your photos. Is Christopher the only one who plays it?
    He and Joshua. 🙂

  2. Loved these photos! Abby is getting so tall—she seems to have grown even since previous photos of her have been posted. 😉
    I’m sure you all were such a blessing to the people attending this special event. Looking forward to seeing future posts. 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  3. Does Joshua play the bass already? 🙂 At any rate, I’m sure he will be a gifted musician with his parents introducing him so soon to musical instruments. A very good idea if you ask me!

  4. Ah-ha! Now we see why Bass is on Joshua’s thankful list. Looks like he’s helping to play! I love that!!

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