Do You Want to Join My Parents?

When Dad shared that he was going to do a fast with any guy who wanted to join him from his Seriously e-mail list, I thought maybe a handful of dads would want to.  Wow, was I wrong! My guess was left in the dust.

Meanwhile, Mom decided to do the same thing with ladies who also wanted to fast and pray for a day.

This Monday, November 17th, Dad and Mom are coming along side of others who are willing to fast. Their desire is to seek the Lord and pray for those who are facing challenges. If you’d like to join an amazing group of men and women, this is your opportunity.

Sign up for the ladies’ group.

Sign up for the mens’ group.

Sign-ups close on Sunday. After signing up, an e-mail with details is sent.

Just this morning in my Bible time, I was struck by this verse in Ezra.

“So we fasted and besought our God for this:
and he was intreated of us.” Ezra 8:23

There are such sweet benefits of fasting. Will you join them?



2 thoughts on “Do You Want to Join My Parents?”

  1. I think it’s great that you’re encouraging people to do this!
    May God Bless you all!
    In Christ,

    Proverbs 3:5,6

  2. Hi, I did not have time to sign up, but I fasted on Monday. I thought you would be interested to hear how God answered prayer. I have had sciatica for about 3 months and it has not been improving with treatment. I juice fasted and prayed on Monday for a breakthrough. On Wednesday the osteopath discharged me, telling me that things were no better than at the beginning of treatment. I was discouraged. I began to be concerned that there was something more serious going on with my spine. Early Thursday morning I texted my friend who is a physiotherapist and told her my concerns. She told me not to worry as she thought she knew what was the matter. She told me to look up piriformis syndrome on the web. And to buy a gym ball. The symptoms matched exactly – apparently it is a rare cause of sciatica! And the gym ball has helped in only 3 days! The pain is diminishing daily and I am so thankful to God for answered prayer! I hope you have seen your prayers answered too. God bless you and your lovely family.

    So exciting!

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