Would You Like to Impact a Life for Eternity? | Operation Christmas Child

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While we were in Boone, North Carolina on this past trip, we had the opportunity to learn more about Operation Christmas Child (OCC), a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse.

Do you realize that a shoebox filled with gifts for a child could impact him for eternity? When your box is given to a child, he is also receiving a special booklet in his language with the Gospel message. As I listened to our tour guide share about OCC, I was overwhelmed with the amazing answer to prayer even a shoebox can be.

Take this story for example:
A volunteer was handing out shoeboxes, and one shoebox in particular was very heavy. He gave it to a little boy, but when the time came to open it, the volunteer couldn’t see from his viewpoint what was in it. The volunteer was so curious–after all, what could be that heavy? The boy seemed delighted, though, and finally the man was able to get to the boy and ask what was in the box? Tools, the boy told him. Just what he had prayed for!

Think of that. Out of the hundreds of thousands of shoeboxes distributed, and from that same number of children all over the world, this little boy got the items he’d prayed for! Wow!

We’d like to take a moment to encourage you to get involved. Pray about it, and see what your family can do for God’s Kingdom to bless other children. Compiling a shoebox is easy. If you want to make your money stretch further, you can buy some items online in bulk such as cute pencils, erasers, bouncy balls, note pads, etc. Be creative! After Mary heard the story about tools, she wanted to go that route, so last week, she bought tools. The OCC tour guide encouraged buying practical things, too, that could help a child earn money such as fishing equipment (hooks, line, and more) and for girls sewing items. In addition, PRAY, while you shop for your gifts. You can also include a letter to the child with your address .

Go to OCC for more information, because there are certain “dos” and “don’ts”–but two things I can encourage you with, don’t procrastinate and do join the Maxwells in this exciting challenge. There are over 4,000 locations nationwide where you can drop your boxes off between November 17-24th.

Serving Jesus,


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  1. This is a wonderful ministry that I have been involved in for a couple years. I actually make plastic canvas crosses in various colors to put in the boxes. My friend and I are booked to be volunteers in Charlotte this year the first week in Dec. We are looking forward to working in the warehouse for the first time 🙂

    Good for y’all. I wish there was a warehouse here in the Kansas City area ;).

  2. My husband and I love this ministry! We make Operation Christmas Child boxes every year! We always do two boxes for the oldest age range; one for a boy and one for a girl. We have found that this is a great activity to do with groups of friends from church because supplies can be bought in bulk and distributed amongst many boxes. We have also found that children really love being involved in putting these together. =)

    That’s awesome.

  3. Thank you for doing a post on OCC. This is an annual event that we participate in. It is so much fun picking out fun things for children. We usually pack for the younger little girls but you’ve given me the desire to pack for an older girl this year and include sewing items. I had not thought about that. Thank you for the suggestion. Our church is a drop off center so we are getting ready for a busy week this month.
    Again, thank you so much for including OCC on your blog.
    Wonderful! 😉

  4. This is truly a wonderful ministry! My family and I have taken part in this for many years, and it’s amazing to read more stories of lives being touched and impacted through a shoebox of gifts. 🙂 The Lord works in amazing ways!
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  5. OCC is such a cool ministry. We’ve done it in the past, although this year we’re in the circumstances where we have to take a year off-as a family. My brother and I will still do it. As a part of Student Council this year, I have accepted the opportunity to go to the Atlanta OCC center in December. Lord willing all the spots are filled, 20 teenagers/adults will go to Atlanta and work for six hours with whatever is needed.

    I marvel at OCC’s ministry. It is wonderful!

  6. We shop year round and especially after Christmas sales to find things for our boxes, but never thought of tools or sewing supplies. We had the opportunity to tour a warehouse and it is amazing what all the volunteers do. Looking forward to our children being old enough so we can help there, too.

  7. A woman in my community received an “Operation Christmas Child” shoebox as a child. She eventually became a Christian as a a result, immigrated here (Canada) and now works with OCC. A small box with a big impact. 🙂

    What an awesome story!

  8. Hi! We are doing this at our Christian School! We have the boxes in the classrooms and the children are so excited. This is a great ministry!


  9. We have done shoeboxes for years now. We do one in honor of each of our children (5). Our kids love picking out stuff that they would like to get if they were the recipient, so we know that whoever gets our shoeboxes will love the stuff too. We like to go to the local dollar store for items. We also like to pack ours in plastic containers that way if it rains or they somehow get wet then the children will still have somewhere to store their stuff and it not get ruined. So many of these children don’t have anything and it is something they can call their own. We have a magnet on our fridge that says “God blesses us so we can bless others” and we like to teach our children all about this at Thanksgiving and Christmas time when we pack our shoeboxes. Can’t wait to pack our shoeboxes this year.

    That’s wonderful!

  10. Here in Germany “Christmas in a Shoebox” is well known in churches. Yesterday I even saw some flyers from Samaritan’s Purse at the butcher’s.

    That’s really neat!

  11. We’ve taken part in the shoeboxes for years now. I’m so glad you’ve come to it. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of it before!

    As well as toys/tools we also add in little things like small soaps, deodorant, body spray spray etc. our thinking is that if the child can’t use it, often mom or another adult female caretaker can and they so often get overlooked!
    We have participated for years, but first time we mentioned it.

  12. I did this with our church this year! We have done it in our home with our boys for several years. It is such a blessing to us! My dream is to one day be on a mission trip and see a child receive their box. The children prayed the most sincere prayers for the recipients of their boxes. Nothing better than to serve our Lord!


  13. We had heard about OCC, but never in detail. After reading your post, we looked into it. We were so excited to have another ministry opportunity for Christmas. Sometimes it seems challenging to find opportunities since we have young children. Thank you for sharing! We loved working together on this project and have added it as a yearly family ministry project.
    Alicia and Alanna

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